Friday, June 26, 2020

Weakness and Betrayal

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First off, thank you for the many informative posts that have helped in my education of our shared history.

I write in a moment of sadness as the last truly Southern state flag will in all likelihood be history tomorrow.

Our worthless legislatures in the once great state of Mississippi will hold a vote on removing our long honored state flag.  This beautiful flag reminded us of our past so it must not be allowed to stand.  I am not so wed to our state symbol that a change would be unconscionable, but as usual feckless men will not allow a statewide referendum.  This is what troubles me more than which flag will fly atop our capitol.

Back in 2001 we had a referendum in which the good citizens of our state voted to keep our historical flag unchanged.  This time, however, weak men fear the same outcome so they will deny the citizens a voice as all vassal rulers do when pleasing their overlords is not assured. 

It is a sad state of affairs in this once proud state.  Municipal governments removing Confederate monuments to the simple soldier who answered the call of the state never to return and are called all sorts of disgusting and grotesque things as if these simpletons understood one iota of what these brave men thought or went through.  The once proud University of Mississippi will remove it's Confederate monument in an attempt to erase the men who founded the college.  They were once called the Ole Miss Rebels with Colonel Reb as the mascot playing "Dixie" and waiving the St. Andrews cross.  No more.  All have been whittled away over time.  One symbol at a time over thirty years.  The original founding class composed entirely of war veterans means nothing to these Marxists.

An old friend from the north is distraught over the destruction of Grant, Washington, Columbus and so forth.  I simply responded "If you wouldn't defend Lee, why are you  surprised ."   After all, of all the notable southern personalities, Lee should be the easiest to defend simply due to his unquestionable honor and the respect his adversaries on the battlefield held for him before, during and after that horrible conflict.  

Our destructive media constantly accepts the the destruction of Southern monuments as permissible even when condemning the destruction of their own.  They use phrases such as "It's not even a Confederate statue" or "He fought for the union."   Each failing to realize that condoning one actually leads to the next.  One commentator said he found every Confederate monument "despicable, disgusting and reprehensible." and then said mobs shouldn't tear them down but they should come down after due process.  In other words, they must come down. 

The hatred and vitriol toward the Southern man is the worst I've seen in my fifty some odd years.  Patrick Buchanan recently wrote in an article titled "Cancel the White Man - and What's Left?"  that we are in a "second reconstruction."  I rarely disagree with him, but I believe  we are in a Maoist Cultural Revolution.

What can we do?  Well, stay firm in the truth, pray to almighty God daily, teach your children well and always be prepared for battle should it be necessary because I do believe in divine providence.  A nation that walks away from God is a nation no more.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the rant if you made it this far.

May God bless you and your family


~~ Chris