Monday, June 15, 2020

Which Side Committed Treason in the 'Civil War'?

Via Reborn


The two people in America who seem to suffer the most from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) are Mr. Kellyanne Conway (a.k.a. George) and “Republican strategist” Rick Wilson, two old GOP political hacks who apparently lost their lucrative gigs with the party when Donald Trump was elected.  They, along with a gaggle of other sour grapes, out-of-the-loop D.C. Republicans, have created something called “The Lincoln Project” which they intend to use to vent their hatred for the president.  Their first effort was to (informally) join forces with the self-described Marxist revolutionary founders of Black Lives Matter (and Antifa for that matter) to accuse the president of being a ‘’white supremacist.”

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  1. As usual it was the Federal government. Their treaty with the pre-war South was as sacrosanct as the plethora of treaties with the Indian nations.