Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Carteret County, NC Covid-19 Deaths

 Carteret County confirms additional case of COVID-19 | News ...

65 and over 100%.

How encouraging.....:)


  1. What??? Did they take a pol or conduct actual research? I Smell Democrats, erh, ahh, BOVINE EXCREMENT!

  2. Brock, you've pretty much quarantined yourself, i.e. staying home
    and having Sandy get what you need. How did it go with the PATCON and
    possible exposure? That seemed to work out okay. Your immunity is
    better than you think or else there is more to this mysterious virus
    than meets the eye.

    1. The PATCON/Family Reunion went well and I went to Emerald Isle about two weeks ago to stay my 4th daughter for the summer. Thanks.