Thursday, July 16, 2020


Via Nephew Lê Bá Dzũng

Lessons from allied battles leading to World War I and Turkish strait conflict in the Cold War show that there are four conditions for Vietnam to escape China's control and win China in battle finally:

1. Vietnam must have democracy in front of China: China is not afraid of USS George Washington or atomic bomb but afraid of democracy and very worried about ′′ backyard ′′ the Communist Party becomes a democratic country. The democratic weapon will cause a chain reaction leading to the disbandment of entire CS mechanism. An immense China is at risk of dissolving into many pieces, sovereignty right on the continent cannot even hold the ′′ sovereign ′′ on two groups of Hoang Sa Island, Truong Sa far away.

2. National Unity: A nation divided against no one. A nation divided, torn apart, without a common direction, unable to use international support and also unworthy of international support. This is the time to redefine patriotism. Patriotism nowadays is not a product of extremist nationalism or CS charm but is attached to the survival rights of the country and the human democratic direction of the era.

3. Proactively strategize for national position: Vietnam only becomes a strategic position after China's continental calculation of China 1949 but previously not. Knowing how to proactively strategize, internationalize, critical of the position of the nation as well as knowing how to exploit the concern of the national will make the nation's position more important in international dispute.

4. Solidarity with neighbors in the same situation and join reliable stakeholders: Vietnam is standing in front of the junction, year-round in the international intersection, but no matter how many crossroads, you can only walk on a path in a certain time. Intelligent coalition in many cases helps the nation avoid war or have more time to prepare for war.

- Trung Dao Tran

(extract in the comment to win China)

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