Friday, July 24, 2020

NYT (S/B a parody ) to Release ‘Nice White Parents’ Series Blaming White Parents for Achievement Gap


The New York Times announced Thursday it is releasing a new podcast series titled Nice White Parents, about how white parents are preventing black and brown children from succeeding in public schools.

The podcast series, to be released July 30 from Serial Productions, will be available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google.

According to the Times, Nice White Parents is “about the 60-year relationship between white parents and the public school down the block.”

Its premise is reportedly that the reason government schools are failing “black and brown kids” is due to powerful “white parents.”

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  1. There is no stereotype perhaps as fetching as the angry black woman. She wields power like a whip. She reeks of power. Pray tell why can such not become a powerful voice in the schools to promote her children even if to ostracize the white kid who has supposedly mythically benefited from whiteness?


    1. A long way from our kind and sweet Mammy:
      In 1907, my Mother was born and the above shows Aunt Emily holding her. Aunt Emily was also Mammy to my Grandmother, Sally Moore Leach Pippen, and my Aunt Mary Powell Pippen.
      & here's my experience with the type of 'teacher' you reference.

    2. Brock, I read your link to your writing about that cruel teacher. It is indeed very unfortunate that such people are in the role as teacher.

      The larger point is some who blame others for their misfortunes. I took it as that what was going on in the article about 'Nice white parents' and how they are to blame for the unsatisfactory efforts of blacks, etc. Of course that is a bunch of poppycock. But, like any lazy person, they will seek, and usually find, others they can blame for why they cannot excel.

      Sometimes that blame is proper, that there is in fact someone holding the student back. And as you have seen, it is usually a teacher or the school administration who supports a bad teacher. Teachers can be so influential to a youngster. The promise or the heartbreak, what is it to a teacher, but to the student it is so much. Those type of 'teachers' should be kicked to the curb on day one. With a size 14 steel toe boot.

      God bless you, sir. You and your's.


    3. Thanks and the superintendent ignored it until I went over head and boy oh boy I got an answer quickly but just saying he was going to send his deputy to 'talk' with her.