Monday, August 31, 2020

"A door that swings both ways": Saw Our ‘Hats’ And ‘Hunted Us Down’

Via Terry

Police arrive to treat a man who was shot near a Pro-Trump rally on August 29, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Far left counter-protesters and pro-trump supporters clashed Saturday afternoon as a parade of cars carrying right wing supporters made their way from nearby Clackamas to Portland.

Alleged Witness Recounts Fatal Shooting Of Right-Wing Protester In Portland

 "We've got a couple of 'em right here, pull it out, pull it out!" 

An alleged witness to the fatal shooting of right-wing protester Aaron Jay Danielson in Portland said he and Danielson were “hunted” by apparent left-wing Antifa members after they were spotted wearing Patriot Prayer hats.

“We’ve got a couple of ’em right here, pull it out, pull it out!” the alleged witness recounted them saying, during an interview posted to YouTube by The Common Sense Conservative on Saturday.


  1. Here is the video of when Aaron Jay was murdered in cold blood.
    Sure as Hell not self defense. The 0.12 mark:

  2. The terrorists declared war.
    They are soldiers.
    Responding with LawEnforcementOfficials is inappropriate.