Monday, August 10, 2020

Hong Kong: Swarm of 200 Police Raid Anti-Communist Newspaper: Filed under never trust a commie

 HONG KONG, CHINA - AUGUST 10: A handout photo from Apple Daily showing police officers during a search at the headquarters of Apple Daily after media mogul, Hong Kong business tycoon Jimmy Lai, was arrested at his home on August 10, 2020 in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong police arrested …

Nearly 200 police officers swarmed the offices of Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong’s most-read anti-communist newspapers, on Monday, arresting owner Jimmy Lai, two of his sons, and several other staffers.

Lai, arrested twice already in 2020 for his opposition to Chinese communism, will now reportedly face charges under the “national security” law passed illegally through Beijing’s parliament in May. The law commands a minimum of ten years in prison for anyone found guilty of “terrorism,” “secessionist” crimes, enabling “foreign interference,” or “subverting” state power. As Lai is currently 72 years old, he faces spending the majority of the rest of his life behind bars.

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  1. Hmm - sorta reminds me of the swarm of agents (with SWAT along) who hit Gibson Guitars during barky's regime - for allegedly importing 'prohibited' wood laminates. ;-(
    BTW - IIRC ultimately no charges were finalized against them after they paid a sizable fine.

    1. hit Gibson Guitars during barky's regime - for allegedly importing 'prohibited' wood laminates. ;

      I remember that. Thanks.

  2. Note: The 1st and paramount concern of the police in any country are their 25 yr and out 50% pensions. Make no mistake about that.

  3. Hong Kong did not have any democracy under UK either. They
    were not even allowed to vote. Maybe the US should do something
    honorable for a change and take over Hong Kong and give it to the