Tuesday, August 18, 2020

"I'm a white nationalist."

Via Cousin Dale Pippin


Five years and I’m done. The Confederate flag flies publicly and I am finishing the article regarding the development of leftist lunatic logic in this country.....including verification that our justice system has been compromised. šŸ˜ŽšŸ¤” The release of my article will be a breach of my court orders to remain silent.....names will be released. ☺️šŸ˜‰

3 Years Ago
I'm a white nationalist. It means I'm white, and think of my country and Canadians before I think of or offer anything to anybody outside Canada. I started my Confederate blog two years ago anticipating this level of media slut attack. I find the labeling racist and discriminatory, and nothing more than a filth politics attack to prevent whites from speaking out to protect this country. I have 17 years experience regarding Human Rights, have authored a paper, and am a former Union President. You wanna go toe to toe with me step into court or a Minority Rights Office. This country is indeed being attacked, from within, using filth politics and Sharia style intimidation and shaming. What bliss islam has brought to Canada....

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