Monday, August 3, 2020

John Podesta “Refused to Concede” In Democratic Election Wargame While Roleplaying as Joe Biden: Prepping for the real thing?

The roleplay of the event ended when organizers determined the American people would look to the military to resolve the situation.
A Democratic election simulation program preparing party elites for possible outcomes of the November presidential election has featured a scenario in which Joe Biden, who was roleplayed by Democratic operative John Podesta, will refuse to concede defeat in the election, according to reporting about the event from the New York Times.

The so-called Transition Integrity Project was created with the idea of preparing Democratic Party elites for four different outcomes of the election. One result of the election simulation wargame involved an electoral college simulation in which President Donald Trump secures a strong electoral vote victory while losing the popular vote to Biden, who was played by the former Clinton operative Podesta.


  1. Leftists lie.
    Leftists project.
    Leftists double down.

    This is the commies doubling down. They have wanted to start a shooting war. This is them doubling down on causing a shooting war.

    My response is small fast teams. Target key individuals. Go in, get out. Deny them the set piece battle they want. They may be wide but they are shallow. They will collapse quickly.

  2. why am I not surprised, Hillary lapel pin..

  3. Really, they certainly have the depths of humanity on the commie side.

  4. Why not? Both Gore and Kerry contested their losses. What was surprising about Hillary is she didn't, until after she conceeded and then dried out from her major drunk.

  5. I say let California and any other state succeed. As the readers of this blog already know, it's entirely within their rights, same as it was in 1861. The way I see it, they can lay in the bed they made, and the rest of us won't have to support them and their crazy political (And immoral) decisions.

  6. A few years ago, I might have fought this; today, I say, your call, sweetie.

    As long as counties get to choose their country by vote. Good luck feeding yourself once the farm areas opt out of that decision. Also, don't expect to get the oil producing states and mining regions.