Saturday, September 5, 2020

Man Claims To Have Found Portland Antifa Compound


  1. OK Sandy 1 you're cleared in hot. Drop your ord south to north.

  2. i'm too far away to go burn it down, but think that's what needs to happen. turn about is fair play after all.
    also too old to play these reindeer games, but have battle scares from the 60's, so here's some advice for you who are venturing into harms way with the antifa goons.'
    wear swim googles...those things mike phelps wears when he swims. they will keep the bear spray/tear gas out of your eyes. you can wear glasses/googles/shades over them, no problem.
    cammo paint will keep pepper spray off your skin...psych factor a plus. if you can't get cammo sgticks, vaseline works well, but sweat takes it off.
    a 50/50 mix of water and maylox neutralizes pepper spray in the eyes, mouth, nose, and on the skin. carry a couple pre made bottles.
    not telling you to break the hair spray is flammable and makes a good flame thrower...(is bear spray flammable? asking for a friend). in case things get up close and personal, carrying several cheap, disposable, assisted open, SHARP, knives is probably a good idea. target wrists, inside elbows, outside knees. these areas disable limbs without risking deadly force.
    best idea is to avoid protests and let the pros handle it...but if you must, go prepared, in groups, and try to stay alive

  3. Who's going to be the next Marin Heemeyer?