Friday, September 11, 2020

The Only Black Lives Matter Football League (OBLMFL)

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Formerly the “NFL.”  I watched the first few minutes of the first pro football game of the year last night between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans just to see how much of a “We Hate America — and Especially White Americans” spectacle it would be.  It greatly exceeded my expectations.

The end zone, sidelines, and some of the players’ helmets had “End Racism” logos.  Translation:  We hate white people, because only white people can be racists according to OBLM.  There were other silly political slogans on the helmets as well.

It started out with something very few Americans have ever heard of:  the “Black National Anthem.”  This was the OBLMFL’s way of saying, “Black peope are not a part of America, and don’t want to be part of America.”  They want to be citizens of “Black America” ruled by the self-described “trained Marxists” who founded Only Black Lives Matter.  I suppose “Blackistan” would be a good name for such a place.

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  1. I watched it until I was about to puke. Believe me that was about 2 minutes worth. What a pile of BS. Multimillionaires protesting America. Go back to Africa if you feel you have not been treated fairly. Maybe you can start a SCL. Spear chuckers league.