Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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 WATCH: Rioters block truck, demand passenger chant 'Black Lives Matter'
Via John

U.S. government documents reveal that global banks - JPMorgan, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank and Bank of New York Mellon - and others - have been laundering money for criminal networks & terrorists in North Korea, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Venezuela & Ukraine. The DOW dropped nearly 3% in early trading.

Last night at midnight, the UN sanctions "snapped back" against Iran & Pompeo announced new sanctions on Venezuelan Communist President Maduro, along with two Iranian nuclear scientists.

BLM-ANTIFA terrorists are surrounding cars in Portland and forcinthe occupants to raise a fist and chant "Black Lives Matter" or else! They will destroy your car, drag you out of your vehicle to beat you or murder you. If you resist, the DA will indict YOU & let them go.

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  1. You'd never find my butt in Seattle anyway but dang, it's not in my nature to bow down to a bunch of snot nosed clowns. I've got 16 rounds in my G19 and 2 spare mags. And at that range there's going to be a lot of bleeding. There's probably someone just like me that lives in Seattle. It's just a matter if time. Those 9 mil HST rounds go in .380 in diameter but the exit .625

    1. I've always had HST in my .45's but don't remember what is in my .9mm (SAS) but a cop said they were 'cop killers' to which I replied they are for anyone who needs to be killed..:)

  2. Ironically I think LE is split about 50 50 on HST's and Critical Defense ammo. However the Critical Defense ammo has some documented cases where it's plugged itself full of fabric and failed to expand. I've never shot the Hornady product thru a windshield, but I have the HST's and they actually do a pretty good job.

    1. I started with HST in 2009 when I saw the slow motion video of the .45 going through gel...? This was then only sold to LEO but there was a cancellation of an order and I guess they got permission to sell to general customers. Just checked my post of this on NamSouth but the links are bad.

  3. Factors in ammo effectiveness, in order of importance:
    1. Have ammo. No other factor is even close.
    2. Shot placement. Hit what you are shooting at in a vital spot.
    3. Hit multiple times.

    Everything else is small decimal places in an argument that has already been settled.


  4. Good Morning, Brock. These Marxists are Hell Bent on Radicalizing everyone to their way of thinking. They are also involved in camouflaging their true intentions, as this article from Mike Mile's 90 Miles from Tyranny explains:


    These people are Sick, Crazy Sick and Damn Dangerous. IMHAO.

    1. Absolutely and thanks.