Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Comment on Lin Wood and WTPC call for martial law to hold new election

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 Lin Wood and WTPC call for martial law to hold new election

Martial law doesn't mean what you think it means. There is nothing in military training or organization that gives them the capability to conduct a free and fair election or to help one happen. Nothing. The vast majority of military officers are leftist sympathizers as are most junior enlisted people, just like their age groups in the civil society. The outcomes are predictable. Working for Trump doesn't imply any loyalty to Trump. Just ask Gen "Mad dog" Mattis. They are as likely to refuse orders as to obey them.

The right answer is for spineless legislators to assert their authority in states where the election is too muddled to determine a winner and select the electors from their state. Fat chance.

Alternate right answer is for the spineless SCOTUS to invalidate millions of votes, and decree that those state re-certify the winner based on the new tabulations. Fat chance.

Sadly, it looks like we are going to get a Biden Presidency despite massive election fraud. And the result of that is rewarding massive voter fraud to the point of ensuring no Republican will even win a contested race again, not even milquetoast Republicans and RINOs.

But really, this was coming anyway. There is only one Trump. The Republican party has no back bench of Trumps to take his place. At most, Trump would buy us another 4 years before this happened.



  1. This sentiment is correct. Most officers are leftist.....many enlisted may not be but they are NOT going to stand up against a liberal officer and disobey unconstitutional orders. Just like cops routinely violate our rights and the Constitution. Te ugly truth is NOBODY is coming to rescue us from the commies and their coup. It's up to US. And if it happens it happens up close, personal and ugly.

    1. Yes and thanks. If you have the time: https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2020/12/watch-press-conference-with.html

  2. No time for a new election. Get the legislators to do their constitution duty and we are out of this mess. And can clean it up after Trump Season 2 starts. (Preferably with public hangings and firing squads.)