Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Closet Commies"

Via Huong-Can Thi Nguyen

 May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'They Killed the AMERICA BACKSTABBERS ABBERS'


  1. Is there a law/policy or some mechanism to get rid of these people? Maybe they can be arrested and when they go to court, some Judge tells them they have no standing and sends them directly to prison.

    1. They warrant the penalty for treasonous conspiracy.

  2. "Closet Commies"?
    They just renamed our country
    It's now "The Banana Republic of North America"
    May I now hide my face in shame?

  3. Good Morning Brock! It's really amazing that there are so many damn traitors in all branches of the government. They HATE America, Yet they cash their paychecks each month without the slightest bit of concern. The Enemies of America list is very lengthy in, and out of, our government. Bill Gates has never held an elected office. Yet look at all the crap (WARTS) the lil TOAD has created in his lifetime. I saw this article at Mike's 90 Miles site today. This lil reptilian Som-Buck is PURE EVIL. Who thinks like this?



  4. great follow story up to your story yesterday " 30 Tyrants". Seems everyone is knows We are losing our defensive positions and appear on the verge of being out flanked.

  5. How can you guys call this a democracy when there are only two parties that switch back and forth the right to be "elected" by people who have never had the real power to elect somebody who genuinely represents them, since Reps and Dems represent Wall Street, corporations and the warmongers industry. People without representation in not democracy. Don't be idiots!