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Seminole Slave Property Legal and Historical Status of the Dred Scott Decision: A  History of the Case and an Examination of the Opinion Delivered by the  Supreme Court of the United States, March 6,

 The Cherokee Declaration of Independence: Why the ...

In addition to the Seminole tribe, the Cherokee, Chickasaw and Creeks all held slaves prior to the arrival of Europeans, acquiring African slaves from the latter. The tribes were often brutal toward their slaves, established their own “black codes” and lived in segregated villages.

Though African slaves were emancipated in the postwar South, the sovereign status of the tribes exempted them from US legislation. A treaty of 1866 freed the black slaves of Indians.

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  1. What is this? I thought only white supremacists owned slaves.

    1. :) Nothing to see here, move right along........

  2. Some of the largest slaveholders were Black, especially in Texas and Louisiana