Friday, March 5, 2021

They got away with cheating in November – now what?

 Via Billy

 Half of Republicans Believe President Trump Won Election, Poll Finds |  Politics | US News

 How can the federal government pass legislation that tells the states how to run their elections as Democrats proposed in H.R. 1? The Constitution is clear that states run their elections, just as it is clear that those changes to 2020 election processes without permission by state legislatures was unconstitutional. Or are Democrats betting that the Supreme Court will figure out how to punt about this also just as it refused to look at 2020 election violations or how Chief Justice Roberts justified Obamacare?

Why did Democrats cheat in the 2020 elections? For control. Saul Alinsky: the end justifies the means. This was their only chance to stop the America First movement of Trump, to take control of the Senate, to "cancel" those who oppose them, to rewrite history – just as all totalitarian governments do. So Democrats cheated.

The 2020 election was their only chance to stack the deck against average working Americans. Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico to gain four more Democrat senators; pack the Supreme Court by expanding its size; pass election laws that guarantee more and more Democrats get elected; use stimulus money to bail out cities mismanaged by Democrats for the last 40 years; citizenship for illegal immigrants; more immigrants pouring over the border; increase government workers and families who then join SEIU and NEA and are dependent on government paychecks (now one-quarter of all American workers).

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  1. Well it looks like the "Insurrection" is a huge Flop. Perhaps it lives on in Nancy's Gin soaked Mind. What a TOOL!

    I found this at Mike's 90 Miles site Brock. With your article, and all the rest of the Crap that Nancy has pulled, I would say that there is Reason to March upon the Capitol to Right the Wrongs that this Belligerent Government, and Illegitimate Administration have wrought upon We the People. But what the heck do I know?


    1. Thanks. :)