Monday, April 19, 2021

Equality is NOT America’s Founding Principle


 Our “conservative” punditry go forth daily in what seems increasingly to be an already lost battle against the agenda of the left and its progressivist minions in and outside the Biden administration. That agenda enjoys overwhelming support in hysterically “woke” academia and counts on unwavering backing from cheerleaders and mouthpieces in the establishment media, entertainment, and the sports industry. 

Increasingly, corporate America—major international conglomerates and the all-but-invincible tech monopolies—use their power to staunch and disauthorise and ban any dissent. And when corporate America speaks, so-called “conservative opposition” to what is happening tends to melt away in retreat.

 Real jail time or at a minimum police harassment may await anyone accused of “misusing” (e.g., disagreeing with the Left), even in the most discrete manner, platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. That has already happened in California to Ryan Wentz who mildly criticized Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter.

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  1. Seems they have equality backwards. This guy in his own
    neighborhood trying to get home, gets arrested:

  2. This one where Pentland is charged by police and he and his
    family are removed from their home. This reminds me of
    Brunswick, Georgia - Setups to incite a reaction:


      Ridiculous. He's been released and would like to know the outcome.

    2. This guy in his own neighborhood trying to get home, gets arrested:

      If you find the man's name I'd like to find out if he was charged. Thanks.

    3. I didn't get his name but the Blaze stated:
      Police told TheBlaze on Monday that they detained the driver briefly, got him and his vehicle home safely after the march went through the intersection, and that there were no charges, citations, or arrests. Police also told TheBlaze that it's commonplace for streets to be blocked during marches.
      This is town of 20,000.

    4. I was thinking/hoping that this would be the case. Thanks.