Sunday, April 18, 2021

Michael Savage Warns of Civil War — ‘You Should Be Very Frightened’

 Via Billy

Protestors demonstrate outside of a burning Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Minneapolis. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday, broke out in Minneapolis for a third straight night. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Savage then described the “assault” as emanating from all sides and the wars “raging right here at home,” including the “war against the middle class, the suburbs, and white men.”

“We are under assault from both inside and out as our government moves to consolidate its domestic power, while at the same time weakening our defenses against the growing power of our global enemies like China,” he said.

“The media and this administration’s relentless assault on our borders, language, and culture has expanded to include an assault on every one of our fundamental values and institutions.  They are out to destroy a once righteous and heroic America and replace it with a leftist government defined by immorality and greed.”

“We’ve come to a situation that may threaten our existence as a nation,” he added. “Everybody knows something is wrong.”

In what he described as a “very dangerous and sensitive and frightening topic,” Savage claimed, “America is in a crisis.” 

“It could happen here. It could all collapse,” he said as he warned not to become complacent.

“You should be very frightened right now,” he added. “We need to galvanize every liberty-loving American. A line must be drawn.

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  1. I've listened to Michael Savage's Civil War podcast a few times.
    Life as we know it isn't looking too good.

  2. Be Afraid! Be Afraid!
    That's all I hear all day, every day.
    Some of us aren't scared, some of us are very pissed off and looking for a reason to go after the ones responsible for this situation.
    Those are the ones who should be afraid.

  3. CW waged from the right won't be public like AntiFa, it will be more 5th generation tactics.

  4. If we DON'T have a 'civil war' then the left WILL WIN and everything that normal conservative America believes in DIES.

  5. The need some very good generals to organize quickly. It will not be a only be a conflict of left vs right but a war with invading guerrilla forces from the Southern Hemisphere/ cartel, China and Russia/ Middle East

  6. If we had a government that follwed the Constitution, the Sheriffs could Deputize half the Nation and put an end to this Domestic shit.

    1. Today in Patriot's Day not to be confused the treasonous
      Patriot Act. Also the downfall of Waco by insurgents.

      He held to his resolve to do or die, until the end. On November 24, 1984, he and a companion were surprised in a Portland, Oregon motel by some two dozen Federal police agents, after an informer had betrayed him. His companion surrendered, but Mathews shot his way out of the trap in a blaze of gunfire. The following month he and a half-dozen associates were surrounded in their headquarters building on Whidbey Island, Washington, by a task force of more than 100 heavily armed secret policemen.

      One or two of the revolutionaries slipped through the police lines and escaped. Of the others, all except Mathews surrendered. For 34 hours he exchanged gunfire with Federal agents, single-handedly repulsing two waves of agents who attempted to storm the headquarters. He used a machine gun to drive off an FBI attack helicopter. After the FBI succeeded in setting fire to the building with magnesium flares, Mathews continued firing through the smoke and flames. He died when tons of stored munitions exploded and demolished the building.

      He was fighting for the White race. Where are the Fed
      agents attacking the BLM & Antifa terrorists. I guess
      they pick and choose.

    2. Very good and reminds me of:
      Cathal Brugha & The Great Escape
      "He appeared to be the very incarnation of one of those brave Irish warriors of yore, the story of whose bravery in battle has been handed down to us in song and story. Cathal Brugha's courage in 1916 (*See below) and the calmness with which he then faced the British when riddled with their bullets (**25 wounds) is only surpassed by the epic of his own passing in 1922. Then, alone of all the garrison, he refused to surrender, walked towards his enemies with his revolver blazing until he fell, mortally wounded."
      There is an amazing tale of when Cathal Brugha -boasting **twenty five wounds (Of which five were after cutting through arteries) and feared dead by many of his comrades- burst into song. Ceannt rushed to see the sight of Brugha slouched against a wall with his pistol to his shoulder still.

      “The two heroes laid aside their weapons. The commandant came on bended knee the moment he saw the dreadful condition of his comrade- lying in a pool of his own blood four square feet in extent- embraced him, pressed him to his heart in a very passion of affection and tenderness. They exchanged greetings, very briefly, and the fond eyes of the commandant were flooded with tears”

    3. That's beautiful. Extraordinary fearlessness plus
      inhuman determination. Men who history is made.
      I guess the real men have been lobotomized.

  7. I guess the real men have been lobotomized.