Friday, April 23, 2021

Myth of Systemic Racism: 10% of White Homicide Victims Were Killed by Cops, 3% of Black Homicide Victims Were Killed By Cops – Blacks Die at Homicide Rate 13 TIMES That of Whites!

 Via Billy

Heather MacDonald, the author of The Diversity Delusion, joined Rob Schmitt on Newsmax TV on Wednesday night to discuss the current racial climate of lies in America.

Heather is an outspoken critic of the “woke mob” and their lies about policing in America today.

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  1. I like Heather MacDonald; she speaks out truthfully. It
    certainly is selective coverage. I've heard nothing on Tucker,
    Ingraham about the the little one yr. old toddler being killed
    by a savage baboon. Nothing. Just the same ol' same ol' woe
    is me garbage.

  2. More "lies, damn lies and statistics". Nobody who isn't making money of this bullshit gives a damn anymore.