Monday, May 3, 2021

AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward: "Arizona Is The First Domino That Will Fall”

The Arizona Chairwoman and others all agree that the audit in Arizona will cause other forensic audits state by state.

Hopefully Dr.Ward is right.

People from all walks of life have voiced concern and provided testimony that they witnessed fraud or polling ‘irregularities’ during the 2020 election.

There are various reports everywhere—basically, a mountain of evidence that something was going on.

What did we get from our ‘leaders’ and courts though? Silence.

The problem with recounting votes and then saying: “no evidence of fraud” is a huge mistake. The kind of fraud that happened cannot simply be caught by recounting ballots.

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  1. Maybe other states will audit and maybe they won't.....but you can bet the farm the criminals in charge are busy EVERYWHERE destroying evidence just in case.

    1. You would think that evidence has long since been erased.

    2. The audit is one thing; but how come no one is doing anything about these COVID vaccines killing people because they are bioweapons? See and type in Covid Vaccine Dangers & Dr. Igor Bioweapon. These shots kill fetuses and women have miscarriages simply by being around a recently vaxxed person. Human 2.0 A wake up call video by Dr. Madej on transhumanist after getting vaxxed. 1st shot destroys immune system, 2nd kills per Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny and other vac scientists. Children and adults will be sterilized with most if not all people dying within 3 yrs after getting these shots that spike the protein up to where the body will eventually attack itself.

    3. I heard the majority of people will be dead in 3 to 6 months........:)