Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Evaluating Covid Vaccine Death Rate

 Via John" I decided to do a little research this morning; was curious about quantifying the internet-abundant stories of people dropping dead after take one of the available vaccines.   I went to the CDC's VAERS

(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) to see what I could see.
Below you'll find the details. 
For me, there are two main takeaways:
1)  This vaccine is astronomically more dangerous than other vaccines.
2)  Despite that, the risk (~0.02%) is quite low; something on the order 
     of one death for every 5,000 vaccinations. The vaccine odds are still better
     than the odds of getting/surviving Covid. "



  1. Hungary is a good example that if you stay away from vaccine, doctors and hospitals, you have better chance surviving covid than a car-ride.

    The card in the picture states: expires on July 2, 2021. Following July 2, what ? new certificate ? new immunity ? new shot ?

    "A devastating pandemic surge this spring gave Hungary the world's highest overall COVID-19 mortality rate per 1 million residents, according to Johns Hopkins University. The country of about 9.7 million people has reported over 27,500 deaths in the pandemic."

    A year ago no one heard of Hungary, now she is the champion. This spike in mortality happened to coincide with vaccination.

    This John Hopkin report wouldn't go into details as to how many of those 27,500 people died shortly after they received medical treatment. How many people who were not sick before the vaccine, died after the vaccine ?

    Wasn't it Satan's choice Fauci who produced an essay that hinted that one half of the Spanish flu victims died not from the flu but as result of medical treatment ? Imagine that, in two years Standard Oil medical science killed 10,000,000 people ---talk about holy caust !

    What happened to family members of those 27,500 victims who lived in the same households with them before they were taken to hospitals for (final) treatment ? If a family member can be in the same room with a covid victim for a week or two, and not even get a sore throat or stuffy nose, why the need to force-vaccinate her ? why the need for segregation ? why the need to house-arrest a whole country ?

    In 2020, if someone travelled to Hungary from South Africa, or Brazil, or England, he was locked in a cage for two weeks and tested several times. How did this new model of Wuhan-bat flu get into Hungary ? How and where was the English, the South African version of bat flu developed ?

    What is the use of caging people if a virus can walk into a fenced off country anyway ?

    Why is it that Hungary's next-door neighbours are not even contenders in this play-off round ? Croatia is not on the list; neither is war-torn Ukraine (thank you Biden).

  2. After the inoculation, the inoculated have nothing to fear from non-inocs.
    Toss that mask (aka 'face-mask') in the toxic-waste disposal!

    The inoculation makes you influenza-free!.... or influenza-less!... or influenza-proof (the inoc crowd don't seem to have a trendy word for it, but give 'em time).

    But you still need tests to know if you are sick.
    [ the amount of sarc in this comment is immeasurable ]

    1. [ the amount of sarc in this comment is immeasurable ]


  3. Number two is NOT true for the young and healthy. For children, the cure is literally worse than the disease. For young adults, the cure is no better than the disease. Plus, the two risks are not the same. You will be exposed to the risk if you take the vaccine. You may or may not be exposed to COVID. And, of course, none of this accounts for the long term effects of the vaccine. What happens in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? No one knows. At any rate, it is a massive breach of ethics to run experimental trials on the population at large.

    1. run experimental trials on the population at large.

      & not the first time.

  4. The CDC VAERS is not accurate. Deaths related to the vaccine have to be reported to the CDC for it to be on their list and a lot of them aren't reported. An autopsy has to be performed on the deceased to determine if the vacs killed them and the family has to pay for the autopsy. Some people can't afford it. Some people don't realize the vaccine could have caused the death. And some people don't know where to report it or that they should report it.
    That's just a few of the reasons it's not accurate.

  5. “The coronavirus outbreak in France was not caused by cases imported from China, but from a locally circulating strain of unknown origin . . .”

    “A natural virus simply hasn’t the ability to simultaneously infect 85 different countries on all continents of the world, with outbreaks in multiple locations in each country – and all on the same day.”

    “There is no infection that manifests in this manner without human assistance.”
    Sounds like a plan to me. I thought this all along.

  6. my stepfather stroked out and died 3 days after getting the second jab. required him to get it to go into the hospital for a minor unrelated procedure. didn't get reported to cdc either.

  7. It's not possible to know the TRUE morbidity for Covid. There is not enough accurate data to make ANY accurate assessment. And there isn't enough accurate data because those running the show don't want any accurate data collected let alone made available. They prefer lies, conjecture and disinformation.

    1. They prefer lies, conjecture and disinformation.

      At the top of their class.

  8. Watching Tucker Carlson right now and a professor from Harvard is on there who said the VAER's system only records adverse reactions that happen within 1 hour of taking the vaccine. So it is highly inaccurate. But taking that into account, Tucker said the VAER's system shows more people have died from the Covid vaccine in 4 months than all the other vaccines in the country during the years from 2000-2013.