Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Coming Festivities

 r/MilitaryPorn - A Boer commando during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 in South Africa [1837x1266] 

 A Boer commando during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 in South Africa.

America is our birthright.  We are native born Americans, not any mongrel mix or hyphen that.  No one has any right or authority to steal that birthright.

The present enemy is also mostly native born americans, small 'a' americans in name only.  They gave up their birthright for thirty shiny coins from the  Communists.  They do not believe in America, they believe in Communism.  Communism is stateless, it has no allegiance to anything but power.

Our enemies want that power, unlimited, unrestricted power.  'They' want to be the ones to tell you how many kids you can have, and to decide what sex they can be, and what food they can have and what job they might get, and what they may watch, read, sing, or say.  They want to kill them if they decide to.  You may not travel without their permiso, you may not buy without their permiso,  You may not hold your momma's hand as she dies. You may not own that dog, on your own property.  You must not have a gun because a gun gives YOU power, and that can never be. You know and understand, I hope, the Branch Davidians were completely innocent. And are completely dead.  YOUR federal power in the hands of the Democrats.  FBI and ATF murdered those people, including children and burnt them to ash.  Nobody did shit.                                                 

Our enemies, you see are very nearly there . . . this summer should put them over the top.  More Wacos.  Unless  .  .  .    The enemy is very clever and has taken almost two hundred years to arrive at this point.  He is 'd e e s' close. Do not imagine he will stop on his own. He has shown us plain, elections mean nothing.  You can vote, it means nothing; they'll just make up five for every vote we do.  Communismo, simple, no?  The millions wearing the useless kotex on their chin have already chosen surrender, thier rag is their flag.  Stupidly sold their soles in fear of aspring cold.  Too stupid or lazy, perhaps both, to do twenty minutes' research to find out the truth.  So be it, welcome to your slavery, peasants.

We cannot 'Make America Great Again' that train has left the station; we cannot 'take back' America, too many brain dead sheep wearing masks in the shower.  We can only take and hold our ground where we stand.  The enemy have convinced the sheep that Militia is a 'Bad Word'!  Spank Spank if yousay that word.  Motherfucker is OK in public, but don't ever say Militia.  OK, if they're scanning for that word, we won't use it. 

Texas offers small hope, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and every college town in between are already lost.  College and University are the beachheads the commies take first, the professors and admins their Marines.  High Schools are DZ's, Teachers their Airborne.  They are all trained in the same school.

Antifa is not some 'pop up' casually organized mob, it is organized, trained and equipped for a destabilization campaign, using your kids bodies for bullet catchers.  Antifa has Regulars and Reserves, and Volunteers are recruited.  It's a Paramilitary organization and they get paid.  Antifa has roots and history, going back a hundred years.  Back then they had Storm Battalions and used military weapons, artillery, mortars, machine guns, armored cars. Don't dismiss the freaks out front.  They have hard core troops, veterans trained in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, remember ISIS?  One more thing, Antifa has the Democrat Commies' blessing. Fedgov knows who they are, what they are, and what they plan, and they're OK with it.

This may get me shot.  Lexington Green.

We need a counter organization 
Civilian Irregular Defense Groups is what's wanted.  Radio comms will be jammed, so field phones and runners will be necessary.  Lacking major sponsors will make it necessary to use what means are available.  Leviathin has spent decades ensuring those means will be extremely limited and the current shortage of ammunition is very helpful in that effort.  They don't care what you have, if you have no staples for stapler.  They don't have to kick in your doors to take away empty staplers.  Remember, NO ONE is gonna drop ship supplies to you.  The Soviets went broke supplying every rebel outfit in the world . . . you have no Soviets.

Bloods and Crips established ammunition factories in LA and put their women to work loading using regular home set ups.  Neither ever ran out of 9mm or 5.56.  Other gangs followed suit.  China shipped in 40,000 AK rifles to their 'clients' in California, through Long Beach in containers.  Those have disappeared into the swamp.  Customs caught a few, and their CI's told them about the rest.  Rumor has it that RPG's also made it in.  MS 13 does the same kind of crap.  Obama's Fast and Furious program lost thousands of guns in Mexico - nobody tracked them, on purpose.  Those guns are coming back in.

FedGov forbids the Guard to have any ammunition in their armories, and requires the weapons be stored without their bolts.  They have a Regular Army NCO on site to make sure there'll never be another 'Bull Run'.  They have also eliminated most Combat Arms units from the Guard and Reserve.

You should expect them to employ chemical weapons to eliminate resistance.  Non-presistant nerve agents and the like.  Nobody cares if we die.

N O B O D Y. 

Only three percent of the population of the American colonies supported the American Revolution.  Farmers sold food to the Brits while the Army starved at Valley Forge.  It won't be any better.  68% of Southern men of military age died or were wounded during their war for independence, which they lost to an Immigrant Army.  Dwell on that for a second.  Demos want to bring back the draft . . . why?  To raise an Immigrant Army?  Ya think?

What's actually possible?  Do-able?  Desirable?  



    I am all for your suggestion. If I am not mistaken it is illegal to talk about such subject; it definitely contrary to BlogSpot's morals and code.

    Please, everyone who considers placing himself of the false premise that only 3% colonists participated in the revolution.

    The revolution and war of 1776 was not a spontenious uprising from the bottom up. It was an uprising organized and carried by British Whigs who were displeased with theperformance of King Geaorge who wanted to place obstacles in the way of their activities. King George got this idea in his head that he is the king of that realm not the East India and bank of England money-men.

    Bear in mind, and please read up on it (the stories of the battles), General Cornwallis did as much for the success of that revolution as General Washington and his insurgents. General Cornwallis did everything he could NOT to defeat the insurgents ---in every battle he managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. After every battle he failed to do what the least competent commander would do ---eliminate the disorganized enemy troops. Conrwallis continued this process until the French troops came on the field which gave excuse the Whigs to admid defeat.

    Please also consider:--- Jefferson Davis had a well-trained, experience, equipped army, a government structure, a civilian population behind the army.

  2. About 1770, preachers and ministers all along the east coast noticed that the colonists whose ancestors had come here for religious freedom from the Catholic and Church of England, etc. had turned away from God. That God who wants all of His children to be free. His children were forgetting about Him as they have always done. So, those preachers and ministers began a campaign to encourage the colonists to remember their roots. In doing so the colonists began to turn back to God and wanted the same liberties their relatives were enjoying in England and Europe. They petitioned the government for equal protection under the law, equal taxation, equal representation, etc, but it was denied over and over again. Read the preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They tried to lawfully be restored to the same status as British "subjects", but it was denied. THAT is why they rebelled. That is why they risked everything for liberty and equality. About one third were 'loyalists'. About one third were separatists- wanting to separate from British rule. And, about one third sat back waiting to see who the winner would be. There is a beautiful painting of George Washington kneeling in prayer offering mighty supplication to God for guidance and blessings. Those blessings came. Against all odds the colonists won an unwinnable war because they had turned back to God. God blessed them in ways we cannot even understand. No, God will not load your musket for you, but He may calm your soul so that your aim is true.
    It is no different today. People have turned away from God and all His blessings. We allowed Him to be removed from schools. We allowed leftists to run those schools and poison our children's minds with atheism and progressivism. If we want freedom, we will have to fight for it, but if we want God's blessing and help, we are going to have to ask for it. We are going to have to serve the the God of this land, Jesus Christ, if we want to recover that which has ben lost. He will never force us to remember Him and keep his commandments, but we can ignore Him and deny ourselves of His blessings. It is our choice--you, me, us. It is our choice.
    We can learn from the past. If we read the Old testament, we can see that God used floods, fire, rain, earthquakes, drought, tsunamis, famine and disease to humble us when we have gone astray. He is doing that now. He is trying to get our attention. He won't force us, but He will remind us who is really in charge. We can be prideful, or we can be humble and learn from Him. It is our choice. Choose the right.

  3. re:
    erroneous caption below the portrait of Boer commando

    The brit propaganda department calls the brit invasion of Suid Afrika a 'war'.
    It was not.
    It was an invasion of a sovereign nation.
    To seize their mineral mines, the brits targeted Suid Afrika farms and farmers (in Afrikaans, 'boer' translates as 'farmer').

    The brits used the 'scorched earth' genocide developed during Lincoln's invasion of the sovereign nation of The Confederate States Of America.

    Families slaughtered, survivors starved in concentration camps.
    Females of any age raped to death.
    Livestock slaughtered.
    Crops burned.
    School and libraries destroyed.
    Statues and monuments pulverized into dust.

    The invasion was intended to annihilate the Boer.

    In 2021, does any of this sound familiar?

    1. In 2021, does any of this sound familiar?

      Indeed so.