Thursday, May 6, 2021

Wokeism is Like Kudzu

................ Three Notch’d Brewery in Charlottesville until recently carried an American Pale Ale named “Ghost of the 43rd” also in honor of Mosby, but recently re-christened it “Ghost of the James.”) Repudiating the “Grey Ghost,” however, is a bit of a different animal, given that after the war Mosby served as U.S. Consul to Hong Kong as well as in posts in the U.S. Departments of Interior and Justice.

..............these same Northern Virginia elites through their pro-choice policies effect the murdering of the unborn, an evil even greater than the enslaving of our fellow man.

Wokeism is a bit like kudzu. It’s not indigenous to the South, but once it starts growing… brother you better believe it will be hard to contain. And soon enough, you’ll wonder what life was like before it infested everything.

Kudzu is pervasive south of the James River, which runs through Richmond. Wokeism, alternatively, is less common in the southern parts of the Old Dominion, but is making significant in-roads in my native Northern Virginia — and, by extension, the state government, which is increasingly dominated by NoVa politicians. And unfortunately once the NoVa technocratic elites and their demographic dominance have decided on something, it becomes a lot harder to resist.    

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  1. I've always referred to kudzu as
    "Galloping Crud"