Monday, July 26, 2021

Biden Cancels Trump DHS Proposal Targeting Terrorists, Spies

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DHS withheld July intelligence bulletin calling out Russian attack on Biden's  mental health - ABC News

This month, the Biden administration withdrew a Trump administration Department of Homeland Security regulation that was designed to protect Americans from violent Islamic terrorists or Chinese spies who use their student visas to stay in the United States.

On July 6, the Biden administration withdrew Proposed Rule 2020-20845, which spoke of the threat from Chinese spies and Islamic terrorists as it attempted to monitor the status of student visa holders in the United States. The rule, proposed by the Trump administration DHS in September 2020, would have required student visa holders to “renew them every two or four years and to check that they are still in good standing at universities.”

Todd Bensman of Townhall noted:

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