Thursday, July 29, 2021

Watch As Patriot Demolishes This Liberal Nut Job

Via Hal 


We have all seen what Libs have in store for us now with this toxic push to divide our country with Critical Race Theory. Progressive "Educators" however, are stoke about the new curriculum that discriminates against white people and have been doing everything in their power to stop the bad publicity from getting out.

The Pennsbury School District in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, went as far as censoring the board meetings so those speaking out against CRT were stricken from the record. But they were in for a rude awakening when former school board member Simon Campbell showed up to give the board a piece of his mind. Campbell not only demanded the termination of Pennsbury's Director of Equity, Diversity & Education, Dr. Cherissa Gibson, he destroyed them when they tried to tell him to calm down.

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