Tuesday, September 21, 2021

My Name is Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

My name is Samuel Adams.  I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 27, 1722, the son of local merchant and Puritan Church deacon Samuel Adams, Sr.  I was privileged to attend Boston Latin School and Harvard College, where I learned from the writings of John Locke that all people were born with unalienable Natural Law Rights and that moral government was based on the consent of the governed.  My master’s degree thesis in 1743 explored the legality of resisting the authority of the British King.

In 1748, I inherited my father’s business after he passed away, but I wasn’t very good at running it.  After it went bankrupt, I became a city tax collector, but my poor skill at keeping financial records led to significant discrepancies and deficits.  A cynic might say I was a politician-in-training, but I would disagree. 

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