Sunday, October 17, 2021

Comment on War for a Certain Interpretation

 7 Important Civil War Battles - HISTORY

 War for a Certain Interpretation

Yes, that is one interpretation.

Here is my interpretation:

* The Confederacy was, is, and will continue to be a lawful sovereign nation.
* Lawful boundaries of this sovereign nation were illegally violated.
* Many hundreds of thousands of atrocities -- recognized war crimes -- were committed by the invaders.
* Civilians and non-combatants were intentionally targeted by the invaders in violation of international law.
* After forcing an illegal surrender, the invaders committed, and continue to commit, illegal actions against civilians and non-combatants.

The invaders were, and are, unethical and immoral. I see no productive value in continuing any relationship at any level with the progeny of such individuals.

Taking this to its logical and inevitable end, I believe all evidence points to the invaders attempting to pervert everything they touch into duplicates of themselves. That is unacceptable to me.

But I am doddering into my dowtage, and fully understand the consequences of expressing my long-term views to a society with short-term attention-spans. I understand I am in a shrinking minority.

I understand Shifting Baseline Syndrome, the human adaptation to 'the new normal' enforced by our attempts at daily (hourly?) survival.

After knowing incredible freedoms of travel and association, I am dismayed at all we lost just in my few decades.

I am not saddened nor angered, but merely astonished at the meek acceptance of limitations upon my friends and family.

Their yokes are not yet heavy.



  1. In hindsight I understand it was I who lived in ignorance. When the intital 'two weeks' and lockdowns came, I was astonished at how easily so many of my presumed countrymen slid into meek submission. I was flabbergasted of how many not simply ignored the factually supported truth but actively sought to suppress it.

    I long suspected the people may bow yet was still overwhelmed by how swift the near universal acceptance and compliance to unlawful, unethical, immoral edicts so fantastic they strained credibility. It is a woeful understatement to say I am dismayed of the comport of so many of my fellows. Nay, I should now consider them not my countrymen.