Tuesday, November 30, 2021

LA County sheriff refuses to use COVID-19 test provider over alleged ties to China

 Via sw44magnumman Brown


Villanueva told the board of supervisors that he attended a Nov. 26, 2021, briefing at the FBI Los Angeles Field Office, along with the county’s top attorney and chief executive, with all supervisors and the head of the Department of Public Health invited.

“The FBI stated the purpose of the meeting was to inform County leaders of the serious risks associated with allowing Fulgent to conduct COVID-19 testing of County employees,” Villanueva said.

The sheriff said he was “shocked to learn” that Fulgent has alleged ties to several Chinese technology and genomics companies that are “linked to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) State Council and are under the control of the PRC.”

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  1. The FIBs actually acting to protect the people? That does not compute.