Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Debt ceiling represents referendum on Patriots’ efforts for two years

The August 2nd debt ceiling deadline represents the future of our country but not in the sense that the government and media have portrayed. The American people are watching this crisis play out in Washington but a new undertone is starting to emerge. We are learning that the two political parties are more concerned about placing blame on the other party in order to gain an advantage in the elections next year than taking responsibility for our future. We are learning that political power and control is more important in our government than our future. We are learning that our future and freedom are no longer a concern in most politician’s agendas.

The media and both political parties have marginalized Americans who have had the audacity to question the path of our nation. Whether the label is Tea Party or 912, the proper term is patriot and that is what they fear. Patriots are awakening across the country, speaking out and standing up to restore the principles of our country. We the people were responsible for the Republican victory in the US House of Representatives in 2010. Our vote represented our demands for the return of fiscal responsibility and the Constitution.

This is the point that the Obama administration and Congress do not understand: the debt ceiling represents a referendum of all of the patriots’ efforts over the past two years. If the debt ceiling is raised, we will be forced to acknowledge that all of our work was in vain.

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