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Deputy attacked by mob while trying to issue ticket

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North County Times
Seven people were arrested and one person was shocked with a stun gun Tuesday morning after a disruptive crowd tried to prevent a deputy from citing a man for a traffic violation, authorities said.

A San Diego County sheriff's deputy pulled over a vehicle with two men inside at 7:40 a.m. after he saw the vehicle violate a traffic law near the 200 block of Civic Center Drive, Lt. Jim Duffy said.

The driver, who was later identified as Ismael Martinez, 51, did not have a license, and neither did his passenger, Francisco Martinez, Sgt. Mike Arens said.

The driver began calling people to come to the scene while the deputy was ticketing him, Duffy said. The driver refused to stop calling people and struck the deputy on the hand, he said.

The deputy was arresting the driver when the passenger got out of the car and attacked the deputy, Arens said. The three struggled.

A tow truck driver who was standing nearby jumped into the fight to help the deputy, Duffy and Arens said. The deputy used his stun gun to shock the passenger during the struggle.

More deputies came to help control the situation and finish the arrests, Arens said.

A few minutes later, about 25 people showed up in response to the driver's earlier phone call, Arens said. Most of them were men and appeared to be the driver's relatives.

The people were disruptive and tried to free the driver, but they quickly dispersed and moved to the other side of the street once the deputies started arresting people, the officials said.

Raul Martinez, 25; Alfredo Martinez, 27; Jorge Martinez, 20; Fernando Martinez, 26; and Aldo Martinez, 22, were arrested on suspicion of crimes including refusing to disperse, inciting a riot, assaulting a peace officer and criminal threats, Arens said.

The passenger was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries, then booked into Vista Detention Center, Arens said.

The first deputy suffered minor injuries, but he was not taken to a hospital, Arens said.

He said no one else was hurt.


I thought you might find this e-mail below of interest. I have the feeling that we will start seeing much more of this type of thing in the future as the economy worsens and the police are perceived more and more to be nothing more than shakedown artists and revenue generating agents of the state rather than protectors of the people that they proclaim themselves to be. The racial aspect here adds a whole other dimension to this story. Needless to say, the picture painted is not a pretty one and doesn’t bode well for the future of the country and more specifically for those people trapped in large and very ethnically/racially diverse cities. The book by Thomas W. Chittum entitled “Civil War II: The Coming Breakup Of America” which was written back in the early ‘90s after his extensive and varied military service both as an American soldier and as a mercenary in the former Republic of Yugoslavia and elsewhere comes to mind. I think this incident as well as all of the recent flash mob activity shows that his predictions have started to progress to the next stage in the chain of events which may lead to catastrophe for a heck of a lot of people.

Interesting times we live in…

Mexicans rioting and attacking American cops in our cities – Vista is 60 miles north of the Mexican border. A simple traffic stop on an unlicensed illegal alien driver goes bad. 25 people show up and start rioting and beating the deputy. Check out this story.

I looked up all 7 men arrested on the SD Jail website The driver and two others are not currently shown in custody, meaning they were likely deported already, although they could be out on bail.

Of the 4 men that are currently in jail, 2 are illegal aliens on ICE holds. 2 are charged with felony lynching (rioting to free a suspect in custody) and one is charged with felony death threat, presumably on the sheriff deputy. Plus numerous other charges.

That tow truck driver deserves a medal from the city – he may have saved that deputy’s life by jumping in when the driver and passenger attacked the deputy initially. We really need to crack down on illegal aliens and put mayors of sanctuary cities in prison before we lose any more cops to this lawlessness and anarchy by foreign criminals roaming freely in our cities. Let’s cut the PC crap and enforce our laws now!

Jeff Schwilk

San Diego Border & Immigration Reporter

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