Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Battle Flag around the world's battlefields

The Southern American
Where Southern Honour Has Been

Born in the Heat of Battle

Marines Okinawa Beach

Lt. Col. Wray Blackford delivers a speech to the personnel of the 8th Evacuation Hospital during celebrations of Jefferson's Birthday, 13 April 1944 WW2.

U.S. Marines marching through Beirut
in 1958 with Confederate flag.

The confederate flag waves from top of pup tent of SFC Eugene L. Bursi, of Memphis , Tenn., an artilleryman with the 136th Field Artillery Battalion U.S. Eighth Army, in Korea on April 27, 1951.


LZ (Landing Zone) Maureen Flag Raising - Photo Taken by LT. ED HEITOV, Then the 1st Platoon Leader; Left to right: KEN LORENZ (Odessa, Texas), MEL WILKISON (with M-60, from Kansas), PETE JOHNSON (Minnesota), HOUSTON MARTIN (North Carolina), JIM CABLE (North Carolina), RON KEY (Squad Leader, from Louisiana), and ED CAIN (Tennessee.) The Flag was "Donated" by the Marines at Dong Ha.

US Marine Khe Sanh, Vietnam 1968.

82nd Airborne Fire Base
Outside Hue South Vietnam


M48 Patton tank NAM

Fire Base NAM

Georgia Flag South Vietnam



A modified Huey gunship used by the Rebel Gunship Platoon NAM

Marines Iraq

Tennessee Warriors in Afghanistan
Thanks, Pam

The Confederate Battle Flag With The "St Andrews Cross" was not the only Confederate Battle Flag, but She was the most known and used late in that great war. She is the most, hated, debated, misrepresented and beloved of all Confederate symbols. She has been tarnished by groups as the, naacp "by way of slander", kkk, aryan nation, skinheads, neo nazi, white supremacy clowns...Just to name a few. She was not a national flag, nor was She a politician's flag, and most defiantly not a flag of hate!..."She was a soldier's flag" a banner of courage, honour and a call to duty. She was a rallying point for battling warriors. Many died to keep Her safe and out of enemy hands, this Flag was stained with the blood of our Southron patriots. Last, and most important...SHE WAS AN AMERICAN FLAG!!

As Southron, we owe it to ourselves and noble ancestry to protect Her and hold Her in reverence. We must stand up to those that slander Her, for that slander is slander toward us and our past. We must never let our past be removed from our future...May God give us the courage to do what must be done to stop the hate of "Those People." ~ PoP


  1. I like!

    The Huey looks like it may have had a "hard" landing. :)

  2. Yep, check this one out.
    Below is what was left of a Huey when a 122 hit it on base!

  3. "Every now and then afterwards, one of us would remember the incidence and with a deadpan face state "You know that wasn't the smartest idea we ever had." To which the other would nod stoically in agreement."

    That, my friend, is a classic statement! Beautiful!

    That Huey got whooped pretty good, eh?

  4. Maybe I am contributing to history more than I thought. I have been sending care packages to Iraq with Confederate flags in them! I guess I am just another terrorist!

  5. We need to share these images and stories.

  6. Thanks for creating this incredible website for the education of those of us, who had no idea that the Confederate Battle Flag has been present in all the major wars our country has been involved in. What a beautiful sight to see the flag being displayed with honor and dignity in some of the unfriendliest places on Earth. It is reassuring to realize that the CBF has been able to continue its mission of inspiring and encouraging American soldiers, wherever they have been sent, to secure freedom and democracy throughout the world, just as it inspired and encouraged our Confederate soldiers to fight for their independence. Perhaps the social media will be able to get the word out that the CBF is not a symbol of hated, but one of dedication and honor to our ancestors who sacrificed so much over a century ago.

  7. one of dedication and honor to our ancestors who sacrificed so much over a century ago.

    Absolutely, Sir and great post.