Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hawaiian clerk Tim Adams' Masters' theses: Obama's non-existent birth record

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Well, well, well… welcome to my world. How many remember the name Tim Adams? The election clerk from Hawaii, who revealed that it is an open secret among Hawaii election officials that there is no record of Obama being born in a hospital there? It turns out he is bent libertarian, is as cynical of the system as I am, is an English major working on his Masters, and his initial revelation was made during an undercover experiment in ‘gonzo journalism,’ to investigate what he considered to be a racist organization. LMAO :)

Here is his Master’s theses, which I reckon is a must read for anyone seriously interested in this controversy:

Adams, Timothy Lee, “Discourse and Conflict: The President Barak H. Obama Birth Certificate Controversy and the New Media” (2011). Masters Theses & Specialist Projects. Paper 1071.

Follow the link, and one will find a PDF of his thesis, which I awarded a grade of A+, for both style and content. What follows here, is the beginning and conclusion. The 88 (double spaced) pages in between, is a delightful read that is bound to give (deserved) heartburn to diehard partisans on both sides of this controversy.

*Special note to Obots: I don’t expect you to admit it here; but if you can read this without asking yourself what the hell you are doing, or at least if your karma should be absorbing what you do to innocent people for your cause, you need professional help. Seriously.


A creative exploration of the consequences of public speech in the era of freely accessible, social media, as the author, a former elections official, records and explores the consequences of public dissent in the case of President Barack Obama’s eligibility controversy. This non-fiction narrative culminates with the author’s analysis and observations on both his personal experiences and the state of public speech and political power in contemporary America.


This thesis is definitely the product of serendipity. I originally didn’t wish to write about this subject now, it is too close to the actual events, and that has made the analysisinnocent and synthesis difficult. Encouraged by Dr. Dale Rigby, the creative nonfiction professor at WKU, I determined to tackle this timely and controversial subject.

This work is both a personal narrative and a study of the events and forces surrounding the people, prejudices, and acts described within. What initially began as an investigation into a political group on the extremist right, became a first-person account of the conflicts surrounding speech and public discourse, and the barriers to and consequences for unpopular speech. When a question is particularly unpopular, attacking the questioner’s motives in an attempt to discredit him becomes a means to prevent having to answer the question in the first place. I was someone who happened to be at the convergence of a heavily charged political question. My answer to that question led to all sorts of attacks on both my motives and my character, but as I will show, my answer was not really attacked for its content, but for the implications others attempted to attach to it.

When I started this story, I told you the controversy surrounding President Barack
Obama’s birth certificate had nothing to do with Mr. Obama. It has everything to with the
real divisions in the American body politic, the F.B.A.L., the Media Shell Game,
Corporate Citizenship, and the One-Sided Win. Please consider my closing words;
President Obama is not the problem, after all, he doesn’t even run the country.

And neither my friends do we.

Feeling suckered yet?

I have been there for years, Tim. Welcome to my world. ◄Dave►


  1. THANKS.. just went and read the link...Il lhave to wait to read the thesis.. Ill add it to my blog!

  2. Just inhaled his whole thesis, and I've got to say I *LIKE* this guy!

    Good stuff...

    Too damn bad most will say "TL: DR".

    I also find myself wondering what he'd say about the "long_form" cert _resident Hussein released since this thesis was done?

    Personally, I decided long ago that the birth questions are a waste of time.

    They SHOULDN'T BE, but ARE!

    HERE'S WHY: In a nutshell, it wouldn't matter if video of his birth turned up with a "Welcome To Kenya" sign in the background. NOBODY with the power to fix the situation will do it.

    Why not? Because every city in the Republic would burn, and we'd have to kill a whole bunch of black-folks to make them stop rioting.

    Nobod chargedy's going to be responsible for that, and so it will never happen.


    PERSONALLY, if I were in charge, I'd call out the Guard in every city and spread the word that they had orders to shoot any and all rioters on sight - but I'm not in charge.

    Since the RESULT is impossible, the matter is a waste of time.

    If, once he's out of office, it can be proven he was ineligible, then we can revoke every action he took - THAT would be worthwhile, but as for now we need to concentrate on the next election, and on electing *REAL*CONSERVATIVES - as this it's the ONLY CHANCE we have at Restoration of our republic without unimaginable massive violence.

    The PRUDENT will also continue their preps, so as to be ready for whatever comes.

    Personally, I think the voting's a waste of time, but n exercise that must be done so our consciences can be clear no matter what happens next...

    God help us all - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!!

  3. Agreed.

    PERSONALLY, if I were in charge, I'd call out the Guard in every city and spread the word that they had orders to shoot any and all rioters on sight - but I'm not in charge.

    Absolutely, even on my father's farms we posted "Trespassers will be shot on sight."