Tuesday, August 16, 2011

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-15-11

Injustice Everywhere

  • Cook Co IL deputy may still be fired after judge’s surprising acquital for videotaped incident where a detainee suffered significant facial injuries when the deputy yanked on his shackle chains sending him face-first to the floor. Even the sheriff expressed surprise at the verdict but says it hasn’t changed his opinion that the deputy should be fired. [0] http://t.co/izwH2Up
  • Covington LA forced by a judge to rehire a cop fired for his role in an excessive force case where he was accused of lying to cover for his fellow officer. The judge’s decision came on a second appeal after a review board upheld the decision to fire him [0] bit.ly/pU0GDx
  • Elk Grove CA police are being sued by a man who was cuffed in the backseat of a cruiser after he was already searched when he was shot in face by a cop armed with a rifle. The police claim they thought he was reaching for a gun. [2] bit.ly/opHsrR
  • Harrison Co MS deputy who worked as a school resource officer pleads guilty to sexual exploitation of child where he was charged with sexually battering a baby sitter [0] bit.ly/qMoTEp
  • Atlanta GA police training oversights may have resulted in up to 200 cops being uncertified for decades, which would result in thousands of case, some up to 20 years old, being overturned as the result of an unlawful arrest by an uncertified officer. [0] bit.ly/o0J3lg
  • Lumpkin Co GA sheriff & deputy found liable for $58k damages in suit by man arrested after warrantless search [1] is.gd/Kgq0cc
  • Corinth MS cop sentenced to 46mo prison for robbing motorists during fake traffic stops [0] bit.ly/q2Sr9X
  • Bainbridge GA cop sentenced to probation in plea deal to violation of oath & obstruction for string of 3 burglaries [0] bit.ly/oIcxVH
  • Oregon State trooper jailed after SWAT standoff triggered when he fired a shot as cops responded to a 911 call by a friend expressing concern about his depression. [0] bit.ly/plv0bu
  • 3 West Virginia troopers sued by woman claiming they violwrongfully arrested her for flipping them off in court [2] bit.ly/roQy6k
  • Dallas TX off-duty cop investigated for allegedly hitting security guard in face w/pistol while chasing suspect [3] dallasne.ws/qMe6yR
  • Prince George’s Co MD cop charged w/felony assault for allegedly pulling gun on other woman in argument over keys [0] bit.ly/qNT6Ca
  • Renton WA police demote 2 cops for the first of 9 cartoons that made fun of the department after dropping a highly controversial cyberstalking warrant in an attempt to find the author. They don’t know who made the others yet. [2] bit.ly/oeagk3
  • Tallahassee FL cop sentenced to 15days jail after convicted on misd battery charge in unspecified case, he was fired a few months ago [1] bit.ly/oAy1pk
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC cop suspended while investigated for domestic violence for the 2nd time in her career [0] bit.ly/n6nPXi
  • Louisville KY cop pleads guilty to bankruptcy fraud charge after altering judge’s order to let him get more credit [0] bit.ly/nJ1M0n
  • Blountstown FL cop fired after admitting to being addicted to meth when confronted with allegations of drug use [0] bit.ly/nEhd0z
  • Manchester OH cop investigated after deputies bust underage drinking party at his home, other cops allegedly there [1] bit.ly/pvutGW

While it doesn’t sound like there was any specific misconduct allegations stemming from today’s high-profile OpBART protest sponsored by Anonymous I did find it interesting that, throughout the coverage, it seemed like BART’s response to the protests, by shutting down stations in attempts to disorganize it, caused riders more disruptions than what the protest itself did. But, at least, that’s what it looked like from the outside looking in. The protests appear to have ended without arrests or injuries, which is good news, so that was nice at least.

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