Monday, September 19, 2011

Jew-Free Palestinian State? Yes!

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A Jew-free Palestinian state is a wonderful idea! A salvific precedent! A new world order! It would then mean there could be an Arab-free Israel, a Albanian-free Serbia, a illegal Mexican-free America, a Muslim-free America, a Negro-free Cherokee Nation. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, right?

Wrong. The rest of us certainly aren’t getting it. No one else gets to exclude Jews, or whomever it is they want to exclude. Why should the non-existent “Palestinian people” be awarded such authority? This is not the way the world works. Racially homogeneous nations are generally those no one else wants to live in, for obvious reasons of privation, disease, immorality, and the generally depressed, miasmic social atmosphere.

“Palestinian” Ambassador to the United States Maen Rashid Areikat, reiterating his call for a Jew-free Palestinian state.

Of course, the political manipulators immediately tried to reverse, or at least moderate, Maen Rashid’s hardline expression. “Jews are welcome,” they say. What artfully meaningless words. (They must hire Obama as their spokesman when he leaves America.)

Though no one has ever demanded that American Indian nations must include non-Indians amongst their citizenship (until now, anyway), America itself is expected to accommodate all foreigners–even our deadliest enemies. Our traitorous government even encourages our enemies to come. Though it is not written in any nation’s constitution, and certainly not in America’s constitution, the universal concept is that any person has the right to live anywhere in the world he wants. There is no sanctity of land or nationhood. It’s all a political process, or a economic process.

Besides, Israel can’t afford to have a seething enemy next door. The Palestinians have proven completely untrustworthy, ever-willing to cooperate with any and all of Israel’s enemies. If Israel didn’t police the Palestinian ghettos there would be major military installations in every building, with innumerable missiles pointed at Israel. The whole Arab mind-set is profoundly and consistently violent against Israel.

Also, “Jew-free” implies that the so-called “Palestinians” are the rightful owners of the land. They aren’t. There is no “Palestine,” there are no “Palestinians.” This is a fabricated socio-political illusion. They people are mostly Jordanian, some southern Syrian, and a lot of imported Arabs and some Iranians–professional mercenaries. It is an infestation of anti-Jewish factions. “Jew-free”? They’re lucky there are Jewish authorities among them. They’d have all killed each other by now.

American Indian nations? They are based on blood. If you don’t have the blood, you’re not part of the people. It is an abstraction, a theory, to think that a nation is without blood. America has blood, originally. White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant blood. The language is English. I believe the people who created the country have the right to determine who their citizens are, or aren’t. Some people are more suited to being American than others. Each country should have the right to let in whom it will, and to exclude whom it will. That is the point of nationhood, is it not?

But America is terrible confused right now. We have an alien, lying, black African Communist Muslim traitor appointed as our president. This says it all, really. This is what happens when self-righteous white Oedipal liberals are in charge. Their purpose is to destroy the fathers’ behest. This they do by removing all laws and sense designed to protect the nation. They present themselves as loving egalitarians, but they are self-righteous coercivists. They don’t believe in freedom or equality, really. They believe in their own power to rule. That’s it all. This is manifested in parasitical deconstruction, behind the propaganda slogans of “reform,” “progress,” or “change.”

There will never be a Palestinian state. There is no “Palestine.” There are no “Palestinians.” The socio-political entity could only hope to be a Muslim conclave, or a small caliphate. But, as it stands, there is not enough unity in the ghettos to even conceive of that. They barely put a soccer team together, and that’s because they part of an international philanthropic effort–and they hired an Austrian coach in 2004 and 2006 (Alfred Riedl). It’s called nation-building by fad, trend, and not a little anti-Jewish philanthropy.

The land belongs only to they who are strong enough to take it and hold it. There is no other known human experience. This modern tampering with self-righteous coercivists who think they can determine who has the “right” to what is sheer arrogance.

No one has rights. One has either strength, or weakness. Indians were strong, once. America had to negotiate with Indians. I don’t say might makes right. I say might decides what’s considered right, and enforces it. In the case of America, the fathers decided the Bible was the basic standard of right and wrong. The Bible doesn’t really advocate closed borders so much as national standards. If you want to live in a nation, you become as that nation commands. You don’t try to make that nation like you, when you’re the foreigner. The integrity and existence of each nation depends on a uniform application of its laws. Leviticus 24:22 says it all:

Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country, for I am the LORD your God.

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