Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gary Johnson Leaving GOP for Libertarian Party

During his Newsmax interview Johnson said many of his views coincide with Republican candidate Ron Paul, who is now running high in the polls. He agrees with Paul that most drugs should be decriminalized and that troops should be brought home from overseas fighting.

He said the ban on drugs is responsible for the violence that has engulfed the Mexican border area. “We need to get rid of prohibition like we needed to get rid of prohibition of alcohol, to move disputes from the streets and machine guns to the courts.

“I’m one of 100 million Americans who have smoked marijuana in this country,” he admitted. “I am not behind bars because I guess I got lucky, but then most Americans have been lucky when it comes to this.”

But, he said one of the favorites for the presidency looks at it in a different way. “Newt Gingrich, in 1997, proposed the death penalty for possession of marijuana in excess of 2oz. with intent to distribute from outside of the country. Newt Gingrich has smoked marijuana. Gosh, to me this is hypocritical.

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