Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We're in trouble



  1. I didn't realize it was that bad. Man, oh man. At least we have teachers like him, though I fear far and few between.

  2. This is the first real generation that's been FULLY entrenched in this leftard sickness. Those kids are now hitting college.

    God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

  3. God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!


  4. PS: I suggest he do as *I* did to explain to one of my daughter's friends with similar views...

    I explained to him that SOME kids just can't make As, no matter how hard they work. Other kids have things that are more important to them -- they want to play sports, drink beer, get laid... WHATEVER.

    The bottom line is that there exists a rather large disparity between kids like HIM (Engineering Major with a 4.0 GPA) and those kids who are on "academic probation" and in danger of being kicked out of college.

    He agreed - they always do...

    I THEN explained that in order to RECTIFY this disparity, we were going to need to "redistribute" some of the grades. What we'll do is this: We'll take some points from kids like you who make all As and give them to the kids who are doing poorly -- that way things will be more fair and those poor kids can get off "academic probation" and...

    Needless to say, he rather vociferously objected to this. He actually said "You have NO IDEA how HARD I work, how many nights I've studied all night without sleeping, how many parties I've skipped and...

    I interrupted him and asked "how is that different from taking money from ME -- a man who worked two jobs to put himself through night-school, spent several years of all his free time studying more topics in order to improve my skillset, and have worked NO LESS than 60 hours per week (and often 100-120!) in order to get where I am?

    Yet YOU espouse taking from me -- AT THE POINT OF A GOVERNMENT GUN -- and giving to people who have spent their time playing basketball and video-games, watching TV, getting high and f***ing like rabbits, thus producing MORE kids for *ME* to feed?

    "I can see your point" was the best I was able to get out of him -- but it was a start!

  5. "I can see your point" was the best I was able to get out of him -- but it was a start!

    Sure was. I actually woke up last night and couldn't sleep for awhile thinking about this.

  6. I'm sure you'll understand this...

    Wifey and I have occasionally - usually during some discussion on some slimeball who we've witnessed scumbagging his way up the corporate ladder - wondered if maybe we're doing our kids a disservice by inculcating the values we stress.

    Are "hard work" and "honesty" still really valued in our society?

    Would our kids be better served if we taught them to lie really well, how to "brown-nose"...?

    Naturally, the conclusion was "If we believed that THIS LIFE was all there is, then yes -- it might be better for our kids if we ensured they had the ability to lie, cheat and steal their way to the top.

    Since we know there is a life to come - wherein we'll have to answer for what we did here - it is unquestionable that we've done the right thing.

    Further, I can point to dozens of examples in my own life where a near miracle occurred to reward me for having done the right thing...

  7. We are graduating stupid people....plain and simple...when the crap hits the fan...and it will...I hope these little morons find out what it is to want.

  8. I hope these little morons find out what it is to want.

    Real want.

  9. What happened to the days of having good ol Southern Pride and not taking charity? Growing up on the farm teaches self reliance. Fewer and fewer grow up on the farm any more. It looks as if there is a good amount of brain washing. Here comes socialism.

  10. It looks as if there is a good amount of brain washing.

    Publix skools.

  11. Givin the ignorance of the electorate, to invoke the principles of our Founders would be lost, as our current state of affairs bears witness. Similar to the legend of honest Abe, our fellow countrymen prefer to be told what is true rather than challenge the status quo.

    : )

    We truly are screwed, amazing what a school system controlled by a government hell bent on fundamentally changing the precepts of our country, can do to a skull full of mush.

    Mozart (good one guess I missed it)

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