Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Texas? It's not perfect, but it's well-armed

Why Austin? Because Texas has its own power grid unlike the rest of the nation. Texas can grow its own food. Texas is the energy capital of the nation and can produce natural gas, diesel, oil and even jet fuel. Texas has masses of armed patriots who own more guns than they do pairs of shoes, and that makes Texas practically impenetrable to any invading force.

For example, suppose North Korea launches an ICBM into the high atmosphere over North America and unleashes an EMP weapon that destroys nearly all electronics

This could theoretically be followed by a naval invasion of forces from Red China and North Korea, both of which suffer from too many young males that can hardly be fed and might as well be thrown at some enemy nation as cannon fodder. These forces would plow right through Southern California, with all its anti-gun laws and totally unprepared populations. Oregon would fare a lot better, thanks to the country folks who know how to live off the land, and although Seattle would be quickly overrun by enemy forces, the eastern (country) parts of Washington state would put up a fierce resistance. And any enemy forces foolish enough to try to make it into Idaho would, of course, be viciously intercepted by highly capable resistance forces that would snipe, explode and shred the enemy's supply lines, halting any advance no matter how strongly intentioned. (You do not want to mess with American rebels and patriots in Idaho, for the record.)

If some enemy force was foolish enough to try to enter Texas, they would be obliterated by a mass of Texas farmers, ranchers, National Guardsmen, law enforcement officers and ex-military men who are all locked and loaded to the hilt. That's where I feel safest, in the midst of the best-armed and most well-skilled riflemen in the country, most of which are upstanding, community-minded citizens who defend life and liberty. Texas is a fortress of determined men and women who will not, under any circumstances, willfully surrender their freedoms or their Bill of Rights.

Interestingly, Austin is also a progressive town with lots of raw foods, vegans, yoga studios and amazing artists. It's a progressive, almost liberal town, surrounded by conservative country folks who ultimately serve as a safety buffer that protects the city of Austin itself. When SHTF time comes, you can bet all the unarmed Austin residents will be begging the rural cowboys to protect them from looters and armed gangs.

That's why people who don't own guns dial 911 -- because they want men who DO own guns to arrive as quickly as possible and solve their problem.


  1. Damn straight.

    Lived there and love the culture. Take me about 3 hours to make it to the border.

    Great State.


  2. Austin is a hippie, socialist, commie etc haven, thanks to UT. Dallas is a blue metropolis. SA is a sanctuary some call it the 2nd capital of Mexi. city.

    With all that negativity. Texas is my home and the best damn state in the nation. Hell we even had a $1.6B surplus of funds from this session.

    Just like Kerodin linked to you. We have it all. Oil, gas, power grid, cattle, crop production, timber, coal, industry, etc. I am not sure if we have any steel mills or not.

    We are the only state to have all types of geography.

    And the people are friendly to boot.

  3. Brock - Water is a very serious problem. We're in the midst of a really bad drought. It's starting to break for portions of North Texas, but elsewhere, it's still a very serious issue. The problem will probably persist for years - with impacts to our livestock production, farming, and hunting. A lot of small-time ranchers had to fold and sell off stock - even if it was underfed and underweight - because their other option was to let the stock die in the fields. About the only solution I can think of for Texas would be a string of purification and desalination plants along the Gulf, but those would have to have been built years ago. By the time they're up and running the drought will be over.

  4. The major aquifers have had hurting put on them by the drought. the major metro areas pull from them. Lk Livingston is only 3' low thx to the rain in N. Texas. This past summer we were 8-10' low.

    Factor in the Soros crowd that is buying up parcel and then trapping any water production as a weapon.

    While I think fracking is beneficial in the oil/gas production, it eats up a lot of water.

    Maybe we will get the 18"-22" of rain needed to bring our levels up to normal.

    This drought has decimated the cattlemen. All summer the Ft. Worth stockyards were running at 150% production capacity. Now a majority of the cattle producers have depleted their stocks and have nothing left.

    Those that still have livestock are paying out the ass for hay b/c of the drought. Most of the hay is coming from Louisiana to the tune of $95/bale (large rolls). That includes trans. Normal years you could get them for $35-40 local depending on what cutting it was.

    So with ALL that being said, we still sit fairly good. It's winter now (below 70 during the day)and the rains have started. So hopefully this will be a wet winter.

  5. I also here you have the most plentiful and beautiful in out nation. God bless Texas!

  6. Not to rain on your parade, brother, but what do you do when the enemy is already INSIDE the gates?

    You got the low-level street gangs, the hybrid Texas-Mexico gangs like Barrio Azteca, and well-trained small units of the various Mexican cartels already operating throughout Texas. Do you honestly believe that these well-armed, ruthless, committed predators will just up and leave because Texas secedes from the Union?

    This is not to say that secession is a bad idea. In fact, it's probably the best answer to our national problems.

    However, if you're gonna pick a state as a viable candidate for secession, don't pick the one that has so many competing claims: the FEDGOV, Texan Patriots, Chicanos with a hard-on to reconstitute "Aztlan", and Mexicans (including the illegal alien variety) who would love to re-claim what they believe was stolen in 1846.

    Mark this: if Texas secedes, it will de-evolve into a Yugoslavia-style free-for-all that will be inhumanly brutal. Whoever has the stomach to do the most killing, in the most brutal fashion, will win. Right now, the smart money is with whoever lines up the support of the Mexican cartel armies.

    Good luck.