Friday, March 30, 2012

College fires cartoonist over Trayvon 'colored boy' drawing

Via Sarah Maid of Albion

The Daily Texan, the student newspaper at the University of Texas, has booted cartoonist Stephanie Eisner two days after her eyebrow-raising illustration of Trayvon Martin created all kinds of controversy. Eisner's cartoon depicted a mother reading a book about Martin to a kid with an unfortunate 'sex-doll' appearance. Anyway, the mom describes Martin as "the handsome, sweet innocent COLORED BOY," a C-word that led to widespread C-riticism of Eisner, the Texan and its staff.

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  1. I thought it was very thought provoking if not for a poor choice of words. I guess it hit too close for home for the liberal media

  2. "Not White, Not Black, Both Colored"

    I remember in my mother's latter years, she was helped by a lovely lady that may have reminded her of her own mammy, Aunt Emily Johnson, who was her wet nurse beginning in 1907.

    Once my mother and this sweet lady were discussing the rampant debates concerning race terminology such as African-American, black, Caucasian, colored, white ad infinitum.

    My mother stated she thought this was all just silliness when her friend and companion held her arm next to my mothers and stated: "Mrs. Townsend, you're not white and I'm not black, we're both colored."

  3. You have to understand that UT is the Columbia University of Texas.

    That's where all the lefties in Texas go. That's also why Austin is as liberal as they are. All the hippie wanna be's, socialists, liberals, etc get out of school and stay there polluting the gene pool.

  4. I didn't know about the school, but had heard about Austin.