Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Fight and Fight Hard

I know Super Tuesday yielded some answers for some people, but one must really understand the problem. Politics are a non issue. The Tea Party addressed the political solution and they will again, but there is a timeline at work here. There are two things one cannot get around, the passage of time and simple mathematics. They are inviolable.

I know that you all know the issues as well as I do, but I will indulge myself to explain the sheer practical issues before us and why we must act.


  1. I attended a small gathering of family for my granddaughter Ava's 4th birthday last evening. As I watched the prettiest blonde headed four year old I know dance around the room without a care in the world and being happy living in the moment of just being four I could not help but feel saddened by the sad state we have allowed this country sink to and what the future will hold for all the Ava's in this country if we do not right this ship and change course. Not showing one sign of her struggles with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as she danced around the room between opening presents she ran up to me and with the experience and wisdom of all her years in her eyes she cried out "poppa this is just the most best birthday ever."
    If a man ever needed a reason to fight and fight hard then there it was and with a tear in my eye I gave her a hug and said I love you Ava....

    Brock see you at the NC PATCON and beyond...