Monday, April 30, 2012

Misguided Tolerance Kowtowing to the Radical Homosexual Agenda

Mike Scruggs

Unfortunately for the causes of sound reasoning and good government, many people have been persuaded that tolerance is an unquestionable absolute virtue. This is unthinking nonsense. Tolerance can be an important civic virtue, if it facilitates the peace, safety, and well-being of a society.  But tolerating actions that have a strong potential to destroy or disrupt society’s peace, safety, and well-being is extremely unwise. Tolerating your neighbor’s cat in your backyard is an act of courtesy, but tolerating his pet diamondback rattler in your backyard is insanity. Tolerance can be a valuable civic virtue, but tolerating great evil or great danger is both evil and foolish.

Yet we see daily instances in our media of people using unqualified “tolerance” to argue for radical social changes that have strong potentials for social chaos.  Highly destructive social agendas are often pushed as “civil rights” even though they infringe on the civil rights of others and the moral stability of the nation.  We see these misguided concepts of tolerance and distorted concepts of civil rights shouting down reasonable deliberation on their impact on national security, public safety, and the most important social fabric that holds any nation together—marriage and family. Without these no nation can prosper in freedom and safety.  Yet we are a nation that is hastily throwing out centuries of solid moral traditions and burying volumes of credible scientific research to promote a radical homosexual agenda..

Unfortunately, the radical homosexual agenda is not about reasoned standards of tolerance and civil rights. It is certainly not about high standards of medical and social research. These have been sacrificed to the national political correctness agenda surrounding homosexual issues. Truth has taken a back seat to fashionable politics and misguided ideologies. The radical homosexual agenda is about normalizing homosexuality and proclaiming it as virtuous. It is a militant Revolutionary ideology that must punish any resistance to its new status. Part of that agenda must therefore be to undermine, discredit, and destroy Judeo-Christian teachings on sexual morality, marriage, and family. Although most of the shouting by its leadership is directed at overturning these Scriptural teachings, this seems to go right over the heads of many people. It is no wonder. In the last 50 years, America has slipped down a path of Biblical ignorance and irreverent disregard for Scriptural truth.  This decline has put the nation in a moral, ethical, and spiritual tailspin from which it may not be able to recover. The resulting spiritual and moral blindness has paved the way for a militant homosexual agenda and a staggering array of leftist perversions of political justice.  

Homosexuality is not a virtue. It is a pathology with painful health and social consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly two-thirds of all AIDS cases in the U.S. are directly attributable to homosexual activity. Yet they only represent two percent of the population—not 10 percent as claimed by the badly flowed Kinsey report. This means that homosexuals are 147 times more likely to acquire and spread AIDS.

AIDS is by no means the only problem. According to the research of Robert Knight (Air Force Times, December 1992), homosexual youths are 23 times more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease as heterosexual youths. Male homosexuals are 14 times more likely to have had syphilis than male heterosexuals. Lesbians are 19 times more likely to carry syphilis as heterosexual women. John A. Eidsmoe gives three other research reports with similar results in his 1992 book compiling the case against homosexuals in the military. The Obama Administration ignored all such health and military performance research data in recommending that homosexuals be able to serve openly in the military.

Kinsey and other researchers found that homosexuals average more than 250 partners during their lifetime. This exposes the homosexual agenda for gay and lesbian marriage to be a showboat political platform for their radical agenda rather than seeking lifetime companionship. Again, their real goal is to discredit and destroy the Judeo-Christian concept of one-man-one-woman marriage and family. According to both U.S (Dr. John R. Diggs, 2002). and Dutch research, homosexual marriage actually increases promiscuity and spreads disease faster. 

Homosexual practices also increase the risk of various infections. Over 90 percent engage in anal intercourse with risks of fecal and urine contamination. Their cancer rate is 12 times higher than heterosexuals. According  Diggs (2002), homosexuality knocks 20 years off a gay male lifespan. A young gay male of 20 years has only a 32 percent chance of making it to age 65. AIDS hospitalization also costs 7 times more than cancer hospitalization.  Many more shocking research reports could have been cited on the homosexual healthcare disaster.

Of serious concern to the military in adapting to the Obama Administration’s open homosexuality policies is that one third of all child molestations involve homosexual activity. This means that homosexuals are 16.5 times more likely to engage in child molestations than heterosexuals, which could be a major issue in keeping military bases safe for dependent children.

According to Williams and Weinberg (1972), 77 percent of homosexuals received honorable discharges from the armed forces versus 98 percent for heterosexuals. In this report, homosexuals were more than 11 times more likely to receive an other than honorable discharge as heterosexuals. Although many of President Obama’s supporters have cited anecdotal instances of gay and lesbian heroism in the military, these appear to be the exception rather than the rule. In any case, Obama’s political desires were rammed through Congress with little concern for their future consequences.  

Oh, yes—Help restore our country’s moral backbone. Vote FOR the North Carolina Marriage Amendment.


  1. And the Bible says it's wrong. That's all I need.

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    I stumbled over a ped0-f@g on youtube today.

    His screen name makes clear he's a n@mbl@ type, but his comments made to little boys on YT made me want to PUKE!

    I started to report him to YT but then found all they do is delete his account - they don't call cops and won't even COOPERATE with cops in locating (ie: giving them his IP address) the sicko without a warrant!

    So, I didn't file the "report."

    I can just about guarantee - based on his comments - that they could "sting" him... I'd actually like to see that...

    Any ideas where I should go with this?

    E-mail me: Dedicated_Dad at Y@hoo!

  3. Report it to the corrupt administration for all the good it will do you. Hussein is probably one anyway.