Monday, April 30, 2012

Terminal Ballistics Research

Release 1. .224 To 7mm calibers

The TBR Knowledge base release 1. is the first half of our research findings to be published online. The second volume covers the .30 to .458 calibers along with Proprietary cartridge designs and will be published live in due course.


The information you are about to read is not an ordinary, general overview of hunting cartridges. This Knowledge base is the culmination of 20 years intensive field research and as new bullet designs emerge, this research continues. The data base on this website is and will be updated accordingly.

As of 2011, over 7000 head of game were killed and autopsied for the initial body of work. To obtain a set of results, animals were taken at differing ranges, differing shot placement and angles. The tests then had to be retaken several times with each cartridge and each bullet to ensure repeatable results. Naturally, while testing so many cartridges over so many years, firearms expertise occurred by attrition.

In 2007, based on demand, we formed the company Terminal Ballistics Research ltd. TBR has three main divisions including rifle accurizing services, guided and tutorial hunting and the research division which you are now viewing.

Essentially, the goal of our hunting cartridge research is to give shooters a set of expectations regarding both ammunition and firearms. Where a comment is made in the ahead pages stating that a cartridge will do such and such on impact, readers can expect those results to be clinically factual and repeatable in the field rather than based on passing opinion.

To get the most out of this research, readers are encouraged to think about their expectations of themselves, their rifles and their cartridges. By studying the game killing section, the reader is able to start his or her own decision making process based on a solid foundation. In the cartridge section, the reader can make comparisons of various cartridges, look for similar results in his or her own cartridge and by cross referencing, will be able to notice and understand common trends in performance.

There is certainly no single cartridge to suit every hunter as each hunter has such varied needs. Some hunters are recoil shy, some have sustained shoulder injuries. Some folk are primarily woods hunters, others find their game on the open tops. Some hunters have a generous disposable income, others are on a severly limited budget. Regardless of the research presented here, readers must still make their own decisions regarding optimum cartridge usage.

Please use the navigation panel on the left hand side of this page to enter the research pages.


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