Wednesday, May 23, 2012

150th Anniversary of Stonewall Jackson’s Victory in the Battle of Front Royal

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Painting by Mort Kunstler, “On to the Shenandoah” May 23, 1862 - Full size at his website

Today is the 150th anniversary of the battle of Front Royal, Virginia (the town near where I was raised). On May 23, 1862, almost all the Yankee soldiers in Front Royal were captured, killed or wounded during a surprise attack by Jackson’s “foot calvary.” Both sides fought valiantly, but the northerners were greatly outnumbered. Their commander, Col. John Kenly, was a shirt-tail ancestor of my father and the source of the first name Dad hated. Col. Kenly was badly wounded and captured; after he was exchanged for a Confederate POW, he rose to the rank of Major General and spawned a few great-great aunts and uncles (not certain on that pedigree).

Jackson’s victory may have saved Richmond, since it spooked Lincoln into canceling plans to send 40,000 reinforcements to the Army of the Potomac, which had penetrated to the outskirts of the Confederate capital.

The best thumbnail summary of the battle I found was on Wikipedia. (Most other accounts were tangled or semi-obscure).


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