Friday, May 4, 2012

16th century map offers hidden clues about Lost Colony

Via Old Virginia Blog

Something is screwy as the video won't play here, but you can see it at the link.

British researchers say they've made a startling discovery in the centuries-old mystery surrounding the Lost Colony – a solid clue about the fate of more than 100 English settlers that might have been hiding in plain sight for more than 400 years.

In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh sent a group of pioneers to establish what was supposed to be a permanent English colony on Roanoke Island in Dare County. Among them was John White, the grandfather of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the Americas.

White returned to England, where war with Spain was raging, in 1587. It took him three years to return to the Roanoke Colony with supplies. When he arrived, in August 1590, he found the colony deserted.
There was no sign of a struggle or battle, and what happened to the settlement and its inhabitants has never been discovered.

Perhaps, until now.

More @ WRAL


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