Friday, May 4, 2012

Survival Tactics for Flash Mob Violence

 Applies most everywhere.

Via Nancy

As the weather becomes warmer in Chicago's young thugs will again be targeting  their victims out on the streets on the Gold Coast for assault, robbery or worse. Tourists are particularly desirable targets because the experienced thugs know they will not return to appear in a Chicago courtroom to testify.  It’s a fact of life, particularly in the Windy City.  
With the proliferation of inexpensive cell phones groups of savages can assemble quickly out of nowhere.  They count on their numbers to overcome and brutalize their victims.      
Don’t let their young ages or initially friendly appearance take you off guard.  Avoiding them on sight is the best policy.
If you must be out do not leave home without a decent handgun, preferably a modern large caliber semi-automatic.  Also carry at least two extra magazines.  Hopefully you’ve already 
 obtained some professional training.
Chicago’s bans on possession and carrying firearms are blatantly un-Constitutional and under review in the courts as we speak.  I don’t see a quick resolution.  I advocate ignoring the bans because your life is far more important than the whims of the politicians who want you defenseless.
You have an absolute right to use deadly force against mobs whether they are armed or not!  Just because you don’t see a weapon does not mean they are unarmed.
You will never reason with or obtain sympathy from a mob, so don’t bother to try.   The closer they get to you the less ability you will have to escape. Don’t let them get close.
As a mob approaches you in a hostile or threatening manner all bets are off.  
Don’t pull your gun and expect they will quit.  They will overwhelm, disarm and perhaps kill you.  Instead look for your exit path, draw your gun and fire at the most menacing thugs in center mass.  You’re not required to warn anyone! Shoot until the threat is over.  Scoot to safety and keep on going.  Do not call 911 or talk about the event to anyone but a lawyer assigned to defend you. 
If you’re in a car that is surrounded the people in front of your car are reasonably presumed accomplices of those trying to assault or extract you from your vehicle.  Step on the gas and run them over!  This is no automobile accident and the traffic laws of leaving the scene of an accident do not apply! Again you need to scoot and stay mute.
If the police detain you, it becomes more imperative than ever that you keep your mouth shut.  You won’t be able to talk your way to freedom if they have you detained.   Cooperation will only cause you bigger problems.  The police will understand your request for a lawyer.  
The magic words to live by are shoot, scoot and stay mute!  The majority of cops will have little interest in tracking down someone who fought back and escaped with their lives.
You must escape these mobs at all cost.  The cops will never be able to respond in time to save you.  Self-help is really, all you have. 


  1. Isn't it sad that we have come to this - abandoning our society to packs of wild animals and then instructing decent people how to avoid being robbed and/or killed. And even as this advice is given, it is also admitted that the legal system which used to protect decent people has abandoned us in order to court the politicians and race mongers. They assume, perhaps, that they are immune to gang violence, but in the end they will find that once the genie is out of the bottle, he cannot be put back again.

  2. They assume, perhaps, that they are immune to gang violence, but in the end they will find that once the genie is out of the bottle, he cannot be put back again.