Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The 50+ Hottest Women Currently in Prison

 To liven it up a little!:)

Via Matthew

Renee Bell The 50+ Hottest Women Currently in Prison Anything picture


  1. You are a sick, sick man. ;)

    I don't EVEN want to know what you were Googling when you found this.

    Just imagine how damaged these chicks are. It would be a never-ending soap opera dating pretty much any of them.

    A one-nighter is another story, however...using an assumed name, of course.

  2. :)

    Me? Google? Not this time as we can blame it on Via Matthew!

  3. Walter sorta beat me to it...

    As a young man I thought I could "fix" a broken woman. Tried several times before I wised up...

    Let me tell you what I know from too much experience:
    You can't love, give or anything else to fill that black hole inside them.

    You can't fark the cray-zee out of them (though I'll admit it was sure as hell fun TRYING!)

    If they were only wild in the BR it would be one thing, but there's a HUGE void between "spontaneous" and "FLIPPING **NUTS**! The former will decide on the spur-of-the-moment to go to the beach for a weekend. The latter will stab you in the back with a steak-knife - out of the BLUE - because she got a hang-up phone call a couple of days ago and YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME I KNOW YOU ARE YOU NASTY MOTHER F**KER NOBODYCHEATSONMEI'lLFU**INGKILLYOUYOUC**KSU*{*NGBASTARD!




  4. Sounds you got a real sweetie, DD.:)