Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Veteran Plea for Help: Bob Strait and Family assaulted by black perverts


  1. This is one of many attacks on whites being covered-up by the news media. What happened in Florida was tragic. However, it can in no way excuse the rash of blacks attacking whites. I am curious where Rev. Jackson or Sharpton are concerning these attacks. I have to wonder if they really care about race relations. Perhaps they are only concerned if they can race bait an issue. I grew up judging individuals based character not on stereotypes.

    Badger – I Will Live Free or Die

  2. they are only concerned if they can race bait an issue

    101%, as is Hussein.

  3. These attacks by blacks have been happening for years. They are just now gaining the recognition of what they are.

    If you look at any major metro area, hell even the small towns, they have always been just reported as a crime, burglary, drug deal, assault, etc.

    I have know this for years, the general public is just now waking up to the bullshit.

  4. Well, it's certainly taken off recently and seems to be mainly in the cities. There is actually a high crime rate in Tarboro, but virtually all black on black. I remember taking Gladys home once after she had cleaned the house and mentioned to her that the small store we were passing never seemed to have much in stock to which she exclaimed "Oh, they run numbers!":) She is a character. Years ago I ran an ad looking for someone and she mentioned she was well aware where I lived as that was where she got the worst beating in her life! Her parents worked in the fields and lived in a house nearby and each morning when they went to work they admonished the children to stay home. Well, they liked to come to my place which was then deserted to play. Her father came home, found them, they scurried under the house, but he pulled each out for proper punishment. She said they never went there again!:)