Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 live as in the Stone Age

Via Survival

6 people set out into the wilderness to live completely stone age apart from a camera and diary.
We had prepared for 4 months making all our own clothes, shoes, hunting food, foraging too, our tools of stone and bone we used and pottery we made. we were a nomadic tribe.


  1. Cool videos. I plan on trying to brain tan hides this year with the deer I kill. Maybe some rabbit as well.

  2. I raised my six children in a somewhat remote area, on a homestead in the woods. We we homeschooled them all, lived for the most part off the land, went for long periods without electricity and other conveniences. We did finally get a telephone but it was on a "party line" with 5 other residences down the line. Some of my relatives thought it was a great idea but others thought we had gone off the deep end. It was hard work at times but we had plenty of food, clothing and love to go around.
    Today four of the six children have Bachelor's degrees, and one is working on his. Two of them are working on Master's degrees. One of the six is an intelligent, hard working father without a degree.
    Having said all that, they are prepared, more than most folks, for living in a world with or without modern conveniences, running water, flush toilet, telephone, and so on. However, to jump suddenly into the Stone Age, would be a stretch for them, even with as much experience as they have in the wilderness.
    I have confidence that my children would survive it, but as I watched the two videos above I had a recurring thought. If the world suddenly went dark, the culture shock from today's norm to Stone Age would kill off millions almost immediately just from the induced psychological vertigo. Other millions who survived phase 1 would die from starvation and complete ignorance of how to cope with such an event. We haven't even touched on the subject of human predators, but you get the idea.
    We as a nation are not prepared for the looming potential event that may be in front of us.

  3. Good post CB

    We as a nation are not prepared for the looming potential event that may be in front of us.