Saturday, May 5, 2012

Declaration of Secession

Before we’re done we will, by necessity, have to secede from the present abusive union known as “The United States of America”.  It is the only way we can release ourselves from the bonds of economic and political slavery presently imposed by a distant and unresponsive capital.  Our forefathers were secessionists not once, but twice…once they succeeded, and once they failed.  It is now our job to win this third round and declare our freedom, for ourselves and our posterity, in perpetuity forever.
I can come to no other conclusion than that, in order to assert our liberty, we must first assert that we are not property - that we are not slaves to be apportioned, abused, and disposed of at will.  We will need a good house-cleaning at the state level… and will have to go down the road of nullification through the state legislature and courts…although in the end that will only attract greater aggression from Washington DC to be focused upon our fair state.  And when the federal government exerts direct control over the citizens of a free state against their will, and  by circumventing the protections of said sovereign state as constituted by the people who lawfully reside therein, then secession becomes the plain, necessary option.  But will enough citizens of North Carolina support such a path?

More appropriately, the question is, “what will it take for the citizens of North Carolina to wake up and demand that our state legislature and judiciary do their jobs – protecting us from an over-reaching federal authority which violates our sovereignty and usurps our freedom?”  To whit, I answer only this: the longer it takes for the citizens of North Carolina to come to terms with this situation and it’s necessary resolution, the more painful will be the path back to Liberty, and the longer it will take to restore our God-given freedoms.

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  1. Has North Carolina asserted it`s sovereignty under the 10th amendment?.

  2. Nope, too many scalawags and carpetbaggers up there. :)