Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cu Chi eating on the river 1992

I remember this as the best meal I have ever eaten in my life. Beautiful scenery. We went here after the tunnels of Cu Chi with my newly found American friend and his Japanese girlfriend whom I had met on the plane coming to Saigon. We spent more time with them in Saigon and the Delta.

When my wife and I we went to Cu Chi where you can rent most anything you like at $1 a shot (AK 47's, M-16's and so forth) she refused to leave the car. In fact, she cowered on the seat when she first heard shots! A Southern (Vietnamese) girl, but definitely not like our Dixie ones. I shot an AK, and knocked down each man sized target, for which I was awarded a black checked scarf, like you would see the Cambodians wear.

When we were expected to sit and listen to a pro-VC rant on the tunnels before we went in, I walked to the back out of earshot which didn't please the officials. I guess they were offended!

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