Monday, May 14, 2012

Chronology of the Superjet disaster by a reporter who stayed on the ground to take takeoff and landing pictures

Translated from Russian.

While nothing is forgotten, I want to write, as it was ...

Sukhoi Superjet 100 made promotional tour in Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam. Schedule was as follows: first day - a flight to a new country, the second day - presentation and demonstration flights to potential customers on board, the third day of the flight to another country and so the circle.

I accompanied the aircraft as a blogger and had to cover this demotur in his blog. I myself decided to fly me in demonstration flights in each country or not. Since the photos inside the plane, I had a lot, in Indonesia, I decided not to fly, and stay on the ground and shoot the plane on takeoff and landing. So I was not supposed to fly on that flight, as they say many of the media, and could fly on it .

In Indonesia, we arrived on schedule. Here, Sukhoi has already been contracting airline Sky Aviation, which buys 12 aircraft. Those wishing to fly the new plane was a lot of dry and decided to make not one but two demopoleta.

The first flight took place in the normal mode and lasted 30 minutes. After that flight equipment checked the aircraft. Absolutely all the sensors were green. So the plane was fully functional and ready for flight.

Pilots Yablontsev Alexander Kochetkov and Alexander were in a good mood. Photographed with Indonesian stewardess:

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